Happy Friday, my Friends.
It's the birthday of an AMAZING woman. My oldest friend (length of friendship, not her age!) , Misty.
I want to celebrate her today. Everything is closed and we are all locked down. So, for now this post will have to suffice. Although, when life is back to normal, she's getting dinner out and a bottle of the good wine.

Misty is a nurse. As if that wasn't special enough, she's a nurse to those who are the highest risk of this terror we know as Covid-19.
While the rest of the world gets to "socially distance" on the comfort of their couch with Netflix, Misty is working 18 hour shifts caring for the elderly. She misses her hubby, Matt and their two precious boys. She is so scared that she might bring this scourge home to them. Yet, day and night in and out, she puts on her scrubs and takes care of business.

This lady has more compassion than I have ever witnessed.  When she was in nursing school, she was assigned to be at a local nursing home for a semester. I had a very sweet, placid dog who I'd bring in to visit the patients. I saw first hand how loving and devoted she was to each and every one of them.

Speaking of devoted...this girl flew 2700 miles to my destination wedding. She was 7 months pregnant with her 18 month old in tow. Before that though, she held me, cried with me and forced me to have a good time when I was dealing with all the hard parts of being in a long distance relationship. She never judged or told me that she was sick of hearing about it. She was always the first to remind me that when real, true love is involved, it will overcome EVERYTHING, including distance. (She was right you know, remember that everyone)

Aside from being a better friend than one could dream of having, she is a loving partner, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and boss.
When facial masks became impossible to acquire, Misty (and Matt) bought a sewing machine and learned how to sew masks. She was not going to leave her staff unprotected.

She's one of those rare, special people who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside.
I can honestly and emphatically tell you all that this world is a better place because Misty is in it.

Misty, (and I know that she is reading this, shes that amazing supportive friend.) I don't know when all of this will be over. But when it is, we will have gotten through it due to your hard work and selfless sacrifices.  We WILL celebrate and yes, "There will be wine involved".
I love you.



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