Hello , Mes Amies! Here is a special Tuesday edition of SheShe and Shimmer!
I'm thinking that most of you won't be too interested in today's post, I get that. I won't be mad if you skip today's post any just decide to come back tomorrow.
However, this one is important to me, so here it goes.

5 Years ago today, I married this fantastic man. It was the best decision that I have ever made.
This man loves me so fiercely and completely that he has helped me grow and develop into a much better, more solid version of myself than I otherwise would ever evolved into.
This guy has always made me feel that he thinks that hes the lucky one in regards to our relationship. (Trust when I tell you , that I'm the lucky one). He has always made me feel that I'm more than "enough". Smart enough, pretty enough, ambitious enough, funny enough....  well, maybe funny enough. He always tells me that my jokes are terrible 😅😅😅.

I fully admit, that this is NOT how I expected or would want to be spending our wedding anniversary.  If you had asked me a few months ago how I'd of imagined our anniversary, it would of been something along the lines of us enjoying a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant with a good bottle of wine. (BTW, in this scenario , I'd have fresh nails and hair.....)
However, playing the hand that we have been dealt, I'm so thankful that this is who I'm quarantined.  with. I'd of gone off the deep end by now if I didn't have him. You guys know how much of an extrovert and "people person" that I am.  Chad has been quick to try and "pick up the slack" for me.
These are scary, awful times that we are living through. Yet, I do feel so safe and protected. Him, me , our dog in our little house closed off from the rest of the world.

Our mom's are both over 70, as our a few of our neighbors.  Chad will not let them "fend for themselves". They all know to give him their grocery lists. This is no surprise to me though. This is the first person who is willing to lend a hand. Whether it be snow blowing our elderly neighbor's driveway, or helping a car load of teenagers who were broken down on the side of the road.

I have felt more love, laughter and happiness in my years with this man than I did in all of the years that I had lived before him.
I could easily go on and on. I have so many words here inside of me that express how madly I love this man and my endless gratitude for him.However, they are for him and not this public forum.

 I will leave you with this though, Do not ever listen to anyone who tells you that love isn't real or that soul mates do not exist.

 I love you, Chad. Happy anniversary and here's to a lifetime more <3 p="">


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