Hi Mes Amies!
Right about now, I should be squealing with delight to you about how its almost April. I should be going on about how the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer.
Sadly, we have a dark cloud hanging over us right now. We all know it and are all to well aware of it.
I would be lying to you if I said that my heart wasn't very heavy thinking about how many people are sick and have died. Truthfully, I am angry as well. It did NOT need to come to this.
However, I'm also so relieved to see just how we are all pulling together and uniting. I'm so delighted to see the nurses,doctors and food store workers getting the admiration which they deserve.

I think its also necessary to keep hope and to keep looking forward.
Today, I want to share with you a few things that I picked up before all H-E-L-L  broke loose.

Lina Clear Strappy Sandal by Shultz

Transparent footwear seems to be all the rage this season. Maybe we all fancy ourselves as Cinderella?
I think the metal detailing on these is adorable . Also, there is literally nothing that they won't go with.

Helena Denim Jacket by Kut From Kloth

It was time for me to replace my denim jacket. The one I had was 16 years old. It served me well and I got my use and then-some from it.  I absolutely love Kut From Kloth jeans. This jacket is fantastic too!

Tessa Utility Romper

Tessa Utility Romper By Willow

Ahh, you guys know me. I'm a sucker for rompers. I plan on pairing this ditty with the above jacket and sandals.

Robyn Knit Romper by O'Neil

I can literally already envision myself throwing this on to make a Starbucks run on those hot, humid mornings. It looks like a normal, cute outfit, yet it feels as comfortable as pajamas. 

Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker

So classic and so comfy. My last pair was 4 years old. It was time for replacements.

Women's Tiered Swing Dress with Color Block Detail and Tie Straps

One night in the future,it will be warm and sunny. It will be the perfect night to go to a full restaurant with an electric vibe. This will be  the perfect dress to wear that night.

PLUMBERRY Off-Shoulder Loose Waisted Printed Romper 

This will look so cute with a (spray) tan and pair of shiny Jack Rogers! 


I've seen pretty much every influencer wearing these. What can I say? They wore me down. I decided that I needed these too.

I think its safe to say, after this quarantine is over many of us are going to be getting dressed up for the sake of getting dressed up. In WWII , EVERYTHING was rationed. You had to stay home and do without more often than not.
I wonder if that is why in the 1950's everyone did it up. You'd never see someone running out and about looking like a slob. I truly wonder if that is what we'll be going back to? Truth be told, I wouldn't mind one bit if that is the case.

Okay, that's it for today.
I hope you are all safe and healthy.


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