Hello Mes Amies.
How are you all doing?  Are you going crazy being stuck at home, or are you enjoying this "reset" as my friend Lisa so eloquently calls it?

For the time being, I'm not going to share make-up or clothing purchases. These are uncertain times. I think its beyond irresponsible to be encouraging anyone to be doing any unnecessary spending right now.
Right now, everyone should be spending as little as they possibly can. Things will get better. Things will get back to normal. In the meantime, lets all have some good, no-spend fun.

This is a beauty blogette, so we will make the best of this situation.  Today, we are talking about at-home beauty treatments that you can whip up in your kitchen. We are all going to emerge from this feeling and looking better than ever.

First up is a good ol exfoliating scrub.
All you need to do is mix 3/4 C sugar with 5 TBS of olive oil.
Mix them into a paste, then exfoliate before showering. Focus on elbows, knees and ankles.
I do this exact scrub before I sunless tan. It works better than any scrub that I have purchased. If you do not have olive oil, baby oil is a perfectly fine substitution.  However, do not substitute  salt for the sugar. salt will burn freshly shaved skin.

Next, lets make a lip scrub.
For this, we are keeping the sugar out. Also, grab your honey.
Mix together 1 TBS of each and form a gritty paste.
This is fantastic for getting rid of chapped, flaky skin. I like to apply a nice, thick lip balm after  using this.

Are you feeling as if your teeth are getting a tad bit yellow? Dentists offices are closed. There is no popping in for a tube of dental bleach. 
Keep your smile bright and white by mixing together 3 TBS of baking soda with 1 TBS of hydrogen peroxide. Mix it into a paste. With your tooth brush, brush it onto your teeth. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes then rinse.

Right now, none of us can (or should) be going to the salon anytime soon. 
We can keep our hair soft and moisturized though.  Mix together 3 TBS of over ripe avocado with 3 TBS of coconut oil. Really blend it together well. Apply it to wet hair and leave on for up to one hour.
Wash out and follow with conditioner. Your hair will be so soft!

And the last one requires no mixing at all. Its straight up coconut oil.
It is the BEST moisturizer ever. I apply to mu legs right after I have shaved them.
Also, if you get it into liquid form, it is the best makeup remover. Waterproof mascara cannot stand up to it, not by a long shot!!

There you have it kids. 
I truly hope and pray you are all doing okay. These are uncertain, uneasy times, but we will bget through them.



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