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March 13, 2020 in

Happy Friday the 13th mes amies!!
Can you believe that St Paddy's day is next week?!  Spring has sprung !
I don't think that anyone would disagree when I say that pretty much ALL beauty trends are subject to recycling. Whether it be that bold red lip, highlighted cheekbones, a French manicure even dermaplaing...none of it started with us, kids. It's all been done before.
While it all comes in phases, I've always been one to look back at the "IT GIRLS" of bygone eras and see what aspects of their ecstatic I could use as inspiration for my own beauty routine.

Today, I thought we should look at some of these ladies from the past and see what we can incorporate into our own beauty routines.

I've always loved Sharon Tate's cut-crease eye shadow. Seriously, how beautiful is this?

I've never done a cut crease before. From what I understand, its a somewhat challenging technique to master. Next time I'm in the chair of a professional makeup artist, this is specifically what I'll be asking for.

Those of you who know me, know that Farah Fawcett has been one of my all time favorites since I was a little girl.

Her "natural sun kissed" beauty will never NOT be in-style. This picture here is a good reminder (to me mostly) that less can be oh so much more. Her blonde highlights look so much better than over processed, over bleached hair. Her light highlighting on her cheekbones looks so much better than full on "baked makeup".

Up until the 1970's, heat styling for hair wasn't really a thing. If you wanted to add curls or waves to your style, you needed to set your wet hair in rollers and let it dry that way. 
While this was in no way convenient, you didn't see tons of us running around with breakage. Women were actually able to grow their hair and not rely upon extensions and fake hair.

Look at this long, healthy hair that actress Charlene Tilton had while playing Lucy Ewing on Dallas. It was GORGEOUS. If long hair is your thing , say "To hell with extensions!" I'd suggest striving to get your hair healthy so that you can grow it out like this.

If you follow me on Insta (@sheshe830) you might of seen my recent pity party about Urban Decay discontinuing their Naked II palette. Long story short, I was lamenting about how not everyone wants or can use makeup palettes of bright, neon shades. 
I work in an office. I want my cosmetics to enhance my appearance, not be in your face.

Look at Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards. Her makeup look is just as fitting in my workplace today , as hers was in the 1970's. Browns and taupes on the eyes, a natural peach lip. Yes, please!

I couldn't be on the topic of gorgeous brunettes from the past and not mention Natalie Wood.
Her long blowout is full of bounce and shine. It reminds me very much of Kate Middleton's hair. Timeless, simply timeless. 

Nowadays, we have the hashtag #wokeuplikethis .
Well, it was Caroline Bassette Kennedy who essentially created this.

Is she wearing makeup? Is this her natural beauty shinning through?
Yes, she is wearing makeup. But no, the makeup is not wearing her.
Of course this is just my opinion, nothing more. However, to me this will ALWAYS look 1000% better than that over contoured, over everything Kim Kardashian look.   I don't want to be known as the woman who "wears too much makeup". Don't get me wrong, its YOUR face.  You do what makes you happy. I'm just saying if you think more is always better, google some pictures of the late Mrs. John F. Kennedy.

Okay, so that was today's retro bae beauty. Is there anyone from back in the day that I left off this list whom you think should be included? I'd love to hear about it.

Have a safe and happy weekend my modern day baes!



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