Happy mid week, my babes. I hope everyone has nothing but good vibes coursing through them today.
This morning, I had planned on doing a review of Lorac's Unzipped palette in gold (hint, its SO good). That post is being preempted though.

Last night an old friend of mine text me out out of the blue. They text read " Hey, check out this insta...I think that some MLM hun has stolen some of your pictures."
Sure enough, I click on the account and I see 8 or 9 of my pictures being used as this girl's own.

This is not an anti-MLM rant, I promise. While I have no interest in buying or selling MLM products, I don't think what others do is any of my business, just so long as its not affecting me.

Now, before we go any further, I typically don't mind if other's use my photos. I wouldn't put anything out there on my public Insta if that were the case.
Once, I had a college student ask if she  could use a picture of a homemade pizza I made in presentation she was doing for her marketing class. I was honored.
Years ago, I had a gentleman message me to ask if it was okay that he had saved a picture of my dog, Brady. Brady was an Irish Wolfhound. Apparently, that was this man's dream, to get a wolfhound. He promised himself after he'd been sober and alcohol free for one year, he'd get a wolfhound. Putting the picture of my dog on his fridge reminded him of why he was fighting so hard for his sobriety. This one made me cry.  In case you are wondering, YES he did maintain his sobriety and now has a wolfhound.

So, why did this make me so angry? Let me explain.
Some MLM "Hun" from Cottage Grove, Minnesota was using these photos ton tell people that her "income"  from her MLM is how she was able to "afford" these things.
She used the pictures at the top of this post and the ones below with this caption :

"I used to think that I'd never be the girl who had nice thing. I used to think that  designer purses and shoes were for "other people." Boy, I was wrong!  Here are just a few of the things I've been able to buy for MYSELF since I started my own  --------- business.

If you think that you are the kind of girl who would look good rocking a Louie, message me! I'll show you just how easy it is."

Let me just put it out that there, that all of this stuff  was purchased me from  earning money at a "real" job. It was not purchased by harassing people to "Secure a spot in my upcoming boot-camp" or "buy my shakes." Nope.

It makes me very angry that someone is trying to mislead others into thinking that they have earned the money to purchase these little luxuries be peddling their crap stuff.

I don't begrudge you if you are in an MLM. Girl, you do you. If you are happy, I'm happy for you.
What I do have a serious problem is when someone is using MY stuff to try and mislead others.
Obviously, this MLM "Hon" hasn't earned what she claims she has through her "business". Otherwise, she'd of bought her own stuff, right?
Instead, she is trying to pray on others to get them into her "pipeline". She's trying to convince some poor soul into thinking that her scam is going to bring them extra income.
The sad fact is, 99% of all people who get involved in an MLM LOSE money. Read  Here , Here , Here ,Here ,Here, I could go on and on with the links.
What makes me especially upset is that from this "Hun"'s other posts is that she is praying on those who most likely really do need the money..Stay at home moms trying to provide for their children, military spouses who have to pick up and move frequently.
I immediately thought  "What about the woman who isn't trying to buy a designer purse? What if shes trying to buy heath insurance for her and her kids.?"

Also, I think it goes without saying...but all of this stuff wasn't purchased on some big 'ol shopping spree. This stuff has been acquired over the years. I'd put a little money away and buy this or that then a while later, start saving up for something else. There was no big windfall. This is all from going to work at a real job everyday.

Unrelated to me, before reporting this girl's account, I looked at some of her other posts. She talked often about how "awful" the corporate world is and how you get "literally no benefits or time off". She  literally must not know the definition of "literally", but I digress. What these idiots say about "corporate" jobs, is not true. You  are legally entitled to paid time off and benefits. That's more than can be said for selling leggings or nail stickers.

Regardless, I did report the photos. Instagram did remove or suspend her account. I am putting this out here with these pictures. None of this is a product of an MLM. None of this belongs to Chelsea in Cottage Grove, MN

Thanks for letting me vent.


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