Happy Valentine's Day, Mes amies!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day.
Without fail, I'm sure you have heard no less then 5 or 10 jaded people say something along the lines of "It's nothing but a Hallmark Holiday."
Well, those bitter people are 100% WRONG.  The Hallmark Corporation was founded in 1910. People have been celebrating Valentine's Day since at least the mid 13th century.
However, in Christianity St. Valentine dates back to the 3rd century.
Regardless of all of this, there is always some unhappy in life fool who will have a diatribe about how they are "too special" for commercialized holidays (hint, They are ALL commercialized).

In actuality  Mother's Day (Then Father's Day) actually were created by Hallmark. Nobody begrudges there being a day dedicated to celebrating mom's. Why should anyone get cranky about having a day to celebrate romantic love? Besides, Valentine's Day does NOT need to be only about romantic love!
Each year, I put together Valentine's for my boss and co-workers, my mom and uncle.

Regardless of if you are coupled up or single and free, today can be a special and rewarding day.  Here are a few things that I have done on various Valentine's Day.

  • Pay for your coffee with a Twenty (or Ten, your call)  and let the barista keep the change.
  • Send or drop off flowers to a single friend.
  • Make chocolate covered strawberries
  • Make a donation to your most loved charity
  • Prepare a loved ones most favorite meal
  • Put together a Spotify playlist of your favorite love songs
  • Buy a really good bottle of wine for you and your love or bestie
  • Take a long, hot bubble bath
  • Get the sugary frapichino

If you are single and feeling lonely, please don't despair.
The happiest couples you know, all had their share of being single on Valentine's Day too.

Use today as day to shower EVERYONE with love. I promise, it makes your heart feel SO good to do that.



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