Dry Brushing Benefits

February 28, 2020 in

Happy Friday, mes amies! If this were not a leap year, it would be the last day of February! Still, only one more day to go.

Today's topic, dry brushing. You are likely either sick of hearing about dry brushing , or saying  "dry, what?" 

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like. Using a dry brush to brush your skin while it's dry. Okay, but "why?" you ask.

Think of it like this, exfoliation meets message. A dry brush's firm bristles will remove the dry, dead skill cells. The pressure helps to stimulate circulation. This many claim , reduces the appearance of cellulite. Also, dry brushing encourages lymphatic draining, aka removing toxins from your body.
Dry brushing is nothing new, in fact its likely something your Nana did. Like all things though, what once was old, is now new. Its caught on like wildfire lately.
I started dry brushing a few years ago before sunless tanning. I was immediately hooked.


First things first...you do not, nor should not spend a lot on a dry brush. I bought one for less than $5.00 at CVS. You can fund them at Target, Amazon or any drug store. There are some dry brushes that sell for $50. Those are a waste of money. Trust me on this one.

 The process is really very simple.  Before your morning shower, take your dry brush and start at the tops of your feet and brush upwards toward your heart. Put extra focus and time on areas that tend to be more stagnant, such as the inner thighs, and don't forget to include the backs of your arms and your back. You want the strokes to be long and straight toward the heart, not circles . Also, under no circumstances should you ever use a dry brush on your face. NEVER do that.

Can you save time and dry brush in the shower?

No. Dry brushing is intended to be done exactly how it says,dry. In fact,  you should not  put anything on your skin (water or otherwise) before dry brushingbecause the mechanical friction between the brush and the skin is what helps lift the dead skin cells off. This is lost if the skin has anything on it, including water. If you do it in the shower, it’s not dry brushing anymore. You are just looafing at that point. 

Do you need to do it right before showering?

You don't have to, but that is the best time to dry brush. Why? Because it is best to hop in the shower to rinse off the dead skin cells you've loosened so they don't get on your clothes or sheets.  After you get out of the shower, pat dry, and apply a nice thick moisturizer or body lotion.

How often should I dry brush?

Start off with one time per week. Anything more that that can cause irritation.  After a while you can go up to two times per week. Never more than that though. 

Be sure to thoroughly moisturize after showering. You'll notice that your skin can absorb moisturizer much better after being dry brushed. Those dead skin cells  are no longer coming in between you and your moisturizer.

That's it friends! Are you up for trying dry brushing?

See you in March!


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