Well, hello.
If there is anything that is the opposite of a summer Friday, it's a January Monday.
Yet, here we are. So, lets make the best of it.
Not too long ago, my friend Anita, Yes, Anita with the good hair and I were talking about how crummy it is when a cosmetic that you LOVE gets discontinued.

Sure, there are certain websites that sell discontinued makeup. However, supplies are limited and stock gets old.
When this happens, we have to muddle on and try to find an alternative.  Sigh.
Off the top of my head, these are a few of my favorites that are no longer with us. May they rest in peace.

For a brief period...I want to say 2009/2010 -ish the nail polish brand Sally Hansen dabbled in cosmetics. They were REALLY good.
My two favorites were their foundation primer and bronzing powder.

Both of these were sold in the drug store, but looked and felt as if they came from the "department store".  I was so sad when Sally Hansen stopped producing cosmetics.

One of my favorite lines from my 20's was Jemma Kidd makeup. Her stuff was top drawer all the way. I had to go to the Macy's in the big all about 45 minutes from where I lived to buy it. I gladly did so.
However, in 2012 they ran out of money and stopped production. Its extra disappointing because if they had been able to hold on just a little longer, they would of been in the age of YouTube Beauty Influencers. They could of had so much free exposure that way.

L'Oreal HIP eye shadows were AMAZING. In 2009, I had literally every shade that was produced.
(Even the greens, even though I cannot wear green eye makeup)
These things were so great.

Thermasilk shampoo and conditioner.
This stuff was my JAM in highschool.
Its ironic that I used heat protctant products LOOOOOONG before I started butchering my hair with flat irons, but I digress. i loved the scent of this stuff.

Benefit's Kitten
This stuff....of the memories. It was a powder that had a metallic sheen.
I remember putting it on before nights out at the clubs in Boston. I remember getting it all over my friend Abdu's white Abercrombie polo one night after sloppy dancing at "The Rack."  Ahhh sweet memories.

The most perfect  lipstick I ever used was DressMaker by MAC
Not quite pink, not quite peach it was so universally flattering. It looked especially good with sun kissed cheek bones.

Lastly, Trucco cosmetics.
When I was in my early 20's , I was out in Colorado. I had a neighbor who was a professional makeup artist.
He often did my makeup for me. He used the whole Trucco line. It reminded me so much of MAC. I'm still surprised that its gone.

What about you? Do you have any makeup that you loved and they cancelled it on you?
Were you able to find suitable replacements?


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