Three cheers for Friday, mes amies!
Did you notice the new layout of this little blogette? Did ya? #fishingforcompliments 

I'm digging it!

Anyhow, I recently saw an article titled "The Least Flattering Outfits From The Golden Globes".
Here at SheShe and Shimmer, we are not looking to bring anyone down. We are not looking to critique any individual person.
Also, I'm treading really lightly here. When I get home from work, I change into "unflattering" clothes ASAP.
What we're talking about today are items that look bad on pretty much everyone.

First up, opaque white tights
What looks adorable on 4 year olds, looks like a fungus that is growing on the legs of an adult woman.
These add weight to your legs and look so horribly dated.

Moving along..... peach/flesh colored pants

Every time I see someone wearing these, I double check to make sure they actually have pants on.
No matter how slim the person who is wearing them might be, I see the creases and think that they are rolls of excess skin.

Onto, The Sack Dress

The female body is such a beautiful thing. Why completely conceal it in this?

Baggy Clothing
Somewhere, someone said "The best way to hide a few pounds is under extra material!"  The only thing is, that person was lying.
Case in point, the model in this picture is a size 4.   Yes, really. All of the excess material on her looks as if its excess body weight.

Do you even need me to mention this one?
These things here take the prize for the least flattering thing that you can own!

Okay, what do you think the least flattering things are? Are they on here or something else all together?


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