The Friday Five

January 31, 2020 in

The . Last. Day. Of. January!!!!
Babes, that's music to my ears! Spring & Summer, please hurry back to me. I miss you SO much. I love you. I cannot wait to be reunited with you.

So, its been a minute since we did a "Friday Five".  I especially liked this week's questions. So, lets get this going!

1. Do you like it when people drop in to say hi without calling first?
As DJ Tanner-Fuller would say, "It's always open!"

2. When you go to dinner at someone’s house, what do you bring as a hostess gift?
Of course. Honestly, I consider it the high of rudeness to NOT do this. It need not be expensive or elaborate. Just something to show your host that their gesture of inviting you over is appreciated. A box of Belgian chocolates say that quite well in my experience ;)

3. Do you send thank you notes after a nice dinner or even a gift?

YES. After a nice dinner, I typically send a thank you email or text , depending upon how close I am to the host. A gift ALWAYS requires a heartfelt hand written thank you card. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you think a thank you card is unnecessary, I guarantee you that someone has said "Can you believe I never received a thank you card from her?"

4. Do you like entertaining or do you prefer just hanging out?

Entertaining! I love having people over and showing them a nice time.

5. When you have company, what do you do to entertain them or is that all on them?
I love to prepare a great meal for our company. I try to tailor it around their favorite foods. I love to pick the perfect wine to with that dinner. I enjoy putting together the perfect play list to set the right tone.

This was fun!
What about you? I want to see your answers too, either via message, in the comments or the LiveJournal link up.

Have a great weekend, mes amies!


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