The Beauty Sleep Guide

January 20, 2020 in ,

Welcome to a new week, babes!
Did everyone have a nice, restful weekend?

While we are on the topic of rest, let's talk about sleep. WebMD says that "Sleep is the closest thing to the fountain of youth." Read that here

From fighting of wrinkles to keep under-eye bags away, sleep is your best friend.  Here is what I utilize in order to get my best sleep.

Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla Sleep Lotion

This heavenly lotion is so wonderful. The scent is so calming and tranquil. Its almost as if my brain knows that once my body has this on, its time for sleep.

Super Luxurious Sheets

This one is a non negotiable. Without a comfortable bed, I cannot fall asleep. Choice of bedding is one of the biggest factors as to how comfortable (or uncomfortable) a bed is.  Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! shared these sheets a few months ago. Within a weeks time I bought a pair for every bed in my house and for every family member at Christmas.

Relaxation Candles
About 1 hour prior to going to bed, I'll light this candle. I'll have it burning in my living room with the lights off. Between the dark and scent, it helps transition us over to sleepy time. 

A Weighted Blanket

You know hoe we swaddle new born babies to make them feel secure and comforted?
Well, the weighted blanket does the same thing for us adults. 
I bought this one right after we lost Bandit. Trust me when I tell you that this made all the difference.

A Night Serum
I know that I've talked about this Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum before. Truly though, this is as big a part of my night time routine as brushing my teeth and washing my face is.

A Seep Mask
This little ditty really might be the best thing I purchased in 2019 .
It blocks out ALL light but you can barely feel it on. I'm bringing it with me on vacation this year. I'm thinking falling asleep on the plane might actually be in reach for me this year.

A REALLY Cozy Robe
I put on this super warm robe by Barefoot Dreams right after we finish dinner.
Its so cozy and plush. putting it on is my signal to myself that "day is done". It's also especially great when its cold out.

So there you have it. These are my 'musts" for a good night of beauty sleep. Oh and not drinking coffee after 2:00 pm. That's the toughy!

I hope that your week is beautiful, like you!!


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