Drug Store Hits and Misses

January 15, 2020 in

Hi there!
Welcome to the midway point of the week.
Its also officially mid-way through January. Although, it feels as if its been January for about 7 weeks so far.
Back in November, I talked about wanting to spend January doing This Challenge where you wear nothing but drug store makeup for the entire month.

Welp, I've failed. Big Time. I received so much makeup for Christmas that was high end. I CANNOT let new makeup go unopened.
But, I have been trying out lots of drug store beauty products this month. I've been blown away by how good some of them are and how AWFUL some of them are.
 Just so we can focus on clearing the negativity away, we'll start with the misses then move on to the hits.

1)       Maybelline tattoo Studio Brow Gel
I had SUCH high hopes for this one. However, it was such a let down. I purchased it in blonde. The package made it look like a cool toned taupe color. However, it was an apricot shade when applied.
It claims to last all day. That, my friends was an un-truth!

2) Covergirl Super Size Fibers Mascara
I had to apply about 10 coats of this for it to even look like I had mascara on to begin with.  I did not see a "400 %" increase in length or volume. Nothing close to that.

3) Covergirl TruNaked Palette
 Cover Girl trues to sell these palettes as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
On the surface, they look like they might be. The shades are VERY similar. Sadly, that's where the similarities end. The Cover girl version just does not have the pigmentation or the staying power as their higher end counterparts. (Side bar- If you do want a drug store dupe of the Naked palettes, Makeup Revolution has got you!)

4) L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation
I'm trying to include products that while not working for me, are overall pretty good.
This one might fall into that category? I'm just not sure. Its a SUPER full coverage foundation. As in, you can see no trace of human skin through it. It literally felt like a mask. I tried mixing it with facial cream. Still, it was "too Much".

Now, on to the good stuff, the winners!

1)  L'Oreal Bambi Eye Mascara
Oh my gosh, you guys. I'd gladly pay 3x more for this than what they charge. Its so good. My lashes look so long and full with this stuff.

2) Physician's Formula Healthy Foundation
About a month ago, Nordstrom sent me a sample for LeMer's $120.00 foundation. Nice try, Nordstrom, but even I'm not going to bite on a $120 foundation #thingsthatarenotgoingtohappen 
But, I did google it an saw that multiple beauty gurus said that this foundation by Physician's Formula was a spot on dupe. low and behold, it is. Is it exactly like the $120 foundation, no. Is it pretty darn close, yes!

3)  Maybeline Cheek Heat liquid Blush
This looks SO much better on my dry skin than any powder blush does.
Also, if you have oily skin, layering a liquid blush under your powder blush helps your color to last.

4) NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Primer
Ohhh this is the best and I saved it for last.
This primer goes on like a moisturizer and feels like a moisturizer.
However, it keeps you makeup in place and makes it look oh so much better to start with.

So, please tell me if there are any drug store gems that you love. i really do want to try going a whole month wearing nothing but drug store products.

Till Friday....



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