So many of us have a love/hate relationship with our hair. Or me might focus on "growing it out" just to decide to snip it all off once we get it long. Its a never ending cycle, but entirely normal.

However, there are somethings that might seem "normal" when in reality, they are just damaging to your hair. Those are the things that we should avoid. Let's take a look at those things.

Too Much Heat Styling

I was told once by a stylist, "You can change your hair's color or texture, not both." I speak from personal experience when I tell you how right he was.
If you highlight, color, bleach, etc , you'd better put that curling wand and flat iron away. 
For a period, I was double process bleaching my hair and using a flat iron every other day. Let me tell you the number it did on my hair. I had so much breakage. My hair looked every bit as fried as it was. Don't let this be you.

DIY = Dying it Yourself

President Abraham Lincoln was an attorney by trade. He famously said 

"He who represents himself has a fool for a client."

I think this is every bit as true when it comes to hair! A licensed colorist will mix a formula that is specific to your hair. This is something that cannot be accomplished with box dye. In,fact, most of the pictures that are on boxed dye wasn't even done with the product that is in that box. True story, most of the models that you see on the boxes of dye have a hair color nothing like what's in that box, that's all done with photo editing.
Even if you are buying "professional" products, you are not going to get the same outcome as someone who is trained and certified. You'll end up with a bad color and two choices, either live with it, or pay double to have it corrected.

Not Getting Regular Cuts

I absolutely love long hair. Currently, I'm thinking about growing mine. However, just because you have long hair you don't get a free pass for getting trims. In all actuality, the longer your hair, the more you have at stake. If you don't trim,split ends will travel all the way up your hair shaft in short order.

Changing Your Hair Color Frequently

I get it, variety is the spice of life. However, you hair is not made to withstand constant chemical cocktails completely taking it over every other month. If you are changing your hair color constantly, you'll be damaging your hair right down to the cortex. There is NO coming back from that. That means the only way you'll get "healthy" hair again is when your new hair grows in (assuming you don't punish that new growth the same way.) 

Wearing Your Hair Pulled Back Too Often

Tight ponytails and braids put a significant amount of tension on not only your hair, but the follical as well, this leads to hair loss. Often, permanent hair loss. Limit wearing your hair pulled back to once or twice a week at max.

Not using quality Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling Products

I've never understood the people who belly ache "I'm not spending $20.00 on shampoo!". Yet, they think nothing of spending that on a shirt that they will wear once or twice.
Here is the thing, inexpensive shampoos are made from harsh detergents. Often, they are nearly identical to the stuff you washes dishes with. Cheap conditioners are filled with heavy waxes that cause build up and dull hair, inexpensive styling products are filled with drying alcohols. 
Your hair is the once accessory that you wear each and every day, treat it right.

Are you like me, in being a reformed hair abuser? Have you always treated your hair well, or are you currently trying to do something better?



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