Happy Mid-Week lovelies.
Has this week been treating you well so far?

I'm not sure if I did the best job coming up with a title for this post. I'm not trying to tell you where to shop to get deals (although, that's a post that we SHOULD do). This post is more about what pieces it makes more sense to save and not splurge on.

I've often talked about how I'm a "quality over quantity" type of person. I make a point to get the majority of my pieces from "better" manufacturers. (although, I'm always on the hunt for a sale or special)
Still, there are somethings that it just does not make sense to spend a lot of your hard earned money on.

First up, Flannel Shirts

Adorable for layering and great for added warmth. 
I see JCrew, Nordstrom, Madewell etc all selling them for around $80 or so.
Yet, Old Navy has the softest flannels for $20.  They have many different plaids. You can buy 2 or 3 for less than the cost of one at other stores.

Next up, don't spend a ton on "fun" hats.  Hats are all the rage this season, they are lots of fun and can help you save yourself from a bad hair day. 
When it comes to hats, at least for me they fall into two categories. Those are hats that I need and hats that are simply accessories. Hats that I need, living in New England are warm winter hats. Those, I'll be sure to buy decent ones. 
Hats that are fun accessories though, those are not worth dropping bank on. 
Whether it be a stylish floppy hat like this
Or, a fun lil summer straw hat 
I'm going to opt for a bargain. 
Amazon is a fantastic place to source these.

The next place I always choose to "save" and not splurge is on workout clothing.
I know that companies like lululemon have a huge following.
To me though, it simply does not make any sense whatsoever to spend $110 on a tank top that I'm going to drench in sweat on a regular basis.
Target carried the C9 line. Their stuff is as good as any high-end workout wear, but at very reasonable prices.
C9 Workout Wear at Target

Next up, I never splurge on basic Tees and tanks. I see places like Everlane seeing this type of thing for $30- $45 dollars. all i can think is "Why?" 
I said recently how for this type of thing, I always turn to Target. At Target, basic tees and tanks are normally in the $5.00- $15.00 dollar range. For things that i'm just going to use as layering pieces, this is all that I'm willing to spend.

Target Tees & Tanks

Lastly for today, I never splurge on costume jewelry. Its always stuff that comes and goes in and out of style. 
Recently, I've discovered Accessories Concierge. They are a great place for adorable, on trend jewelry that is NOT over priced.
Accessories Concierge

 Okay, now tell me your thoughts.
What things are totally worth splurging on in your opinion and what is not? I'd love to hear!



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