Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Where I Shop

                                                          -Where I Shop-

I get asked from time to time where it is I do most of my shopping. I'm a creature of habit. At 40, I know what works for me, and what places carry what  works for me. I also know what doesn't work for me and where to avoid. 
Also, in the interest of efficiency, I'm keeping this list to just apparel retailers. Sure, I shop at Sephora, Ulta, Home Goods, etc but for today, we are focusing on clothing and accessories.
With no further ado,

  • Nordstrom - This is where about 75% of what I own has come from. Their customer service is beyond stellar, they have the best return policy and actually carry quality stuff.
  • Target- No shame here. Target is my go to for t-shirts, tanks, leggings and workout apparel.
  • Venus- Venus is an online retailer. They have adorable clothes at very reasonable prices. They are a great resource for when I need a cocktail dress.
  • Revolve- Another on-line retailer, hey are slightly pricier than the other places that I shop, but they are always worth it.
  • Bloomingdales- This is a place that I always wait to catch a sale, but when I do catch a sale, its typically deeply discounted.
  • Hautelook- This is Nordstrom's flash-sale sight. You can get amazing deals here. Just do not allow yourself to fall into the "I have to order it now!" frenzy that flash- sale sites can drive you to.
  • Talbots- My go to for classic, preppy, New England styles.
  • Madewell-Their clothes truly are well made and are classics.
  • Vineyard Vines- I have a "Shep Shirt" obsession. 
  • Kendra Scott-My go to for cute, not too expensive jewelry. 
  • Amazon/ShopBop- Because you never know what you'll find!
  • Jcrew/ Jcrew Factory- so many things I wear to work are from here.

Conversely, there are some places that I avoid and never end up shopping at, they are listed here:

  • Khols- I've never, ever had any luck here. Also, I hate how you never know what the price of something actually is. It's never what is listed on the tag.
  • Forever 21- The documentary "The True Cost" really opened my eyes to how damaging "Fast Fashion" is. Also, as I've talked about before, I would rather purchase one high quality item instead of 3 "cheaper" pieces.
  • Macy's- I find that at (at least the one near me) Macy's, all they carry now are their own brands. Their in-house brands tend to be expensive, yet poorly made. Thanks, I'll pass.
  • Walmart- I know that they have been really trying to push their fashion as of late. However, I have 0 desire to shop at a store that doesn't value my time as a customer. Their constant lack of open lines is all the evidence that I need to know that my time and schedule is something that they could not care less about.

Okay, there you have it. Where do you most enjoy shopping?


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