How in the world is it already October? I'm not one to wish any time away. I will say though, I'm looking forward to 2019 going away and never coming back.

Anyhow , I know that I like to talk about luxury beauty products. I also know that high end beauty isn't everyone's idea of what they want to spend their money on.  When I look at my blog "stats" , it becomes pretty clear that more of you are interested in my affordable beauty posts.

I thought today we should look at some brands of cosmetics which are lower priced, but deliver high end results.  If you notice, I steer away from using the term "affordable"  beauty.
I find that to be almost chastising. How do I know what is "affordable"  to anyone else?
Anywoodle , the brands that I'm featuring today are all considered "Drug store" or "Mass Market".

The first brand is BH Cosmetics. That is them in the cover photo of this post. 
Shop them here
They have a great brush collection. Their eye shadow palettes are all over YouTube. They have picked up so much traction that they are sold in places like Target & Ulta.

On to Makeup Revolution Shop Them Here
If there is a high end product that you have your eye on, but don't want to spend the money, there is a really good chance that Makeup Revolution has an exact dupe of it. There also is a really good chance that it will be just as high a quality as the expensive one.
So much so, that other beauty creators have been upset by the similarities. ( Read about that Here and Here).
Personally, I bought KatVon D's shade and light palette and the MUR dupe. I can tell you, they were indistinguishable in both color and wear.

Now, let's look at Wet  n' Wild     Shop them here
Wet n' Wild has been around for 40 years.
for much of that time, they were for lack of a better word, that crappy makeup on the end cap for the drug store beauty isle.
Back in 2017, they seriously stepped up their game. They have top tier beauty "influencers" such a Jeffrey Star reviewing and loving them.
Also, I can personally say that their $4.99 Photo Focus foundation is an exact dupe for YSL's $50+ Ink fusion Foundation.

Moving along to Coastal Scents Shop them Here
I'm a BIG fan of this brand. As far as non prestige brands go, I have more of this brand than any other.
You may not have even heard of them, as they don't seem to advertise at all. However, if you look at their reviews on Influenser, they have a strong following Influenster reviews.
If you check out their "Revealed" palettes, you'll see that they are look a likes for the Urban Decay palettes. 

Last and in no way least is NYXShop them here

Maybe its just me, but NYX reminds me so much of MAC.
NYX liquid Illuminator is the exact same product as MAC's strobe cream. 
Their eye brown pencils are non distinguishable from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I could go on and on.
If you have not yet checked NYX out, do so!

And that friends, is all I wrote. Well for today it is.
What are your favorite lesser expensive products?


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