Holiday Makeup Sets To Get

October 21, 2019 in

Welcome to Monday, kids. I hope everyone had a safe and productive weekend.
Have you started your Christmas shopping? If you have, you've likely seen that the holiday makeup sets have started hitting the stores.
This is your chance to seriously beef up your makeup collection for bargain prices.
Before I go any further, you'll likely hear bloggers or Youtubers whining along the lines of "The quality isn't the same in gift sets!" Pay 0 attention to them. They are just trying to get more money (or "credits) as they say off of your purchases. Ignore them, as they are full of crap. The makeup in these gift sets is the exact same thing as its non gift set counterparts.

These are the ones that I'm most excited about for this season.

Two Faced Jerrod's Favorites  Buy It Here

Becca Glow Essentials              Buy It Here

Tatcha Skin Care for Makeup Loves Gift Set    Buy It Here

Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Pillow Talk       But it Here

Hermes Deluxe Coffert Set                                             Buy It Here

Yves Saint Laurent Mini Lipstick Set                                       Buy it Here

Beauty Blender Crown Jewels Essentials                          Buy It Here

IT Cosmetics Super Squad Gift-Set       Buy It Here

There you have it, those are my favorite gift sets that I've seen so far. Maybe there is more to come? I'm not sure.

Are you hoping for some new make up this Christmas / Hanukkah? 



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