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September 23, 2019 in

Welcome to Monday, kids. How is everyone today?
From time to time, I'll get asked what my go to products are.
I fully admit, I have a makeup addiction and have an absurd amount of cosmetics. 
Yet, there are my tried and true products which I find myself coming back to time after time.
I will also say, with everything going on with Bandit, makeup and beauty has taken a serious back seat. Right now , I look like crap more often than I don't. So please excuse my recent use of recycled photos.
Also, let me tell you another thing that "gets my goat"... when bloggers or really anyone tries to pass off their makeup look as #nomakeup or #lipbalmanddone.
Honey, this isn't my first rodeo. I can see your lash extensions and contouring. Why lie? Why not share when someone asks you what lip stick it is that you are wearing?
I know natural beauty exists and is all around us. However, I've never seen anyone look worse with a little makeup than without.
Anyhow, I admit that I'm far more crotchety than normal right now, so no dwelling on that stuff. Let's talk fun stuff....MAKEUP!

This primer. I LOVE this primer. Its funny, I noticed some days that my skin would get lots of compliments. It took me awhile to piece together that those days that I got complimented were the days that I had used this primer.

Benefit's Pore Professional  Buy it here

I have a new favorite foundation. I can't imagine what any other foundation could do that would usurp this as my favorite? Maybe, if there was a foundation that could parallel park my car for me? Other that that, this is my forever number 1!

Charlotte Tilbery's Airbrush Flawless Foundation  Buy it here

Back to Benefit for my favorite blush. This is the perfect shade for me. Being as pale as I am, I have to take care to make sure my blush does not come off looking clownish. This one fits the bill PERFECTLY for me. They perfect shade and just a touch of twinkle. Its perfect.

Benefit's Dandelion Blush Buy it here

This eyeliner is one that I will ALWAYS have a brand new, un-opened one ready to go. It can bu used for a natural day look , or a dramatic night out smokey eye. It glides on with ease, insuring that you have a smooth continuous line.

Mac Technakol Liner    Buy it here

When it comes to eye shadow, I mostly stay with taupe and plum tones as those are what plays well with my green eyes.
 Not too long ago, I picked up this palette by MAC. (Art Library in Nude) I LOVE it. Most days, I only apply one or two shades. 
MAC Art Library Nude                                                            Buy it here

Lastly for today... brows. I've spoken before how as a teenager I STUPIDLY waxed away my eye brows into oblivion.  I have to fill them in, or they just are barely there.
Also though, I DESPISE the whole "Instagram brow" look. So, I teeter a fine line of filling my brows in, but still keeping them as natural looking as possible.

ABH Brow Powder Duo               Buy it here

And as they say,"That is that".
What are the products that you come back to time and time again?



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