Time for transitions

September 11, 2019 in

We are in the time of year where its chilly in the morning and evenings, but it still gets pretty warm during the day. Well, at least here in New England that's how it is. While autumn is no doubt lovely, the premature swings throughout the day can make getting dressed a bit of a predicament. If you dress for the morning temps, you'll be burning up by lunch. If you dress for the mid-day temps, you'll look like you are unaware that its no longer July.
I've rounded up a few things that I utilize to help transition into the cooler weather .

1) A dark wash denim skirt
NYDJ denim skirt

The darker wash of this skirt looks markedly more fall than its light wash summer counter parts.
While we are still in September, I'll wear this with bare legs. 

2) Long Sleeve T-shirts

When its still too warm for sweaters , but too cool for short sleeves, the long sleeve tshirt comes in for the win. 

3) A light weight Scarf
Sole society Scarf

A scarf screams "cool weather". However, its still far too early for cashmere and wool. The light scarf saves the day. As I type this, i'm wearing the very scarf that is linked above.

4) Open Toe Shoes & Booties
Alana Bootie

Its sadly too cold for sandals now. However, you might not be ready for full out boots. The peep toe is the perfect middle ground. It really is the best of both worlds

5) Deeper colors
JCrew factory Blazer

Sometimes, something as simple as opting for more rich fall colors is all you need. while pastels and bright shades scream "warm weather", burgandy, carmel, hunter green and browns shout "fall".

There you have it. What are your favorite transitional pieces?



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