Monday, September 30, 2019

Thank Heavens for good friends

Hi there:
My poor Bandit isn't doing so well. He's got cancer, so unfair.
My friend and neighbor Colleen came over and took a few great pictures for us. It was very last minute and she has a bunch of tough stuff going on in her life. Yet, there she was coming through for us.
Even though I'm going through a very rough time right now, still I know that I'm blessed beyond words.

Kisses for my precious boy.

Mr Crazy Pants

Just chillaxing

                                                             My little scamp & me  <3 p="">

When I posted these pictures on Instagram, I had a few of you ask about my sweater and/or booties.
Both are new this year and are available now.
The Sweater is by Free People and is called "My only Sunshine" Buy it here

The booties are by L'Artiste and are called "Luxatti Bootie"  Buy them here

That is all for today.


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