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September 27, 2019 in

I have dry skin, like REALLY dry skin. My face is especially hard hit. In the harsh winter months, its not uncommon for the skin on my face to crack.  It looks awful and can be down right painful.
I've tried so many different moisturizers. Sadly, 85% of them have not been able to help. There are a few gems that have really come through for me. 
If like me, you have dry skin, keep reading. This one is for you.

Sunday Riley Tidal Cream                        Buy it here
This one is new to my repertoire, but I already cannot live without it. 
You know how that first drink of water after an intense workout feels? That's exactly like what this was for my skin. My skin actually looked dewy after I put this on. I know that many moisturizers feel great initially, but then you are back to square one after a half hour or so. 
I could still feel this in full affect the next morning. #impressed

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream                  Buy it here

i know that this is marketed as a wrinkle cream. I've said before though, where it is or isn't a wrinkle fighter is in consequential to me. This provides serious hydration. I like to wear this during the day under my makeup.

Olay Micro Sculpting Cream                         Buy it here

My mom would always tell me "Sheila, you are an advertiser's dream." She is correct, I really am.
I kept seeing the ads saying how this has been tested against all of these other high end creams and beat them out.  A few weeks ago, while doing my weekly Target run, I decided to grab one. It really is an effective moisturizer. Also, it comes in under $30. That's a win.

Dr. Brandt's Hydro Biotic Sleep Mask                                         Buy it here

Don't let the work "mask" fool you. This isn't something you peel off, scrub off or anything of that sort.
Its a super powered hydrator that replenishes even the roughest of face skin. It's fragrance free and just makes your skin feel overall more "comfortable".

Well that's it. Out of all of the moisturizers that I have tried, these are the 4 that I find actually work.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I can't believe that next week is October. Can you?



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