Getting the "Deva Cut"

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Happy Friday my loves.
I hope that this past week was kind to you.
I've said before, I'm not turning this blog into a "curly hair blog". There are enough of those out there. Besides, there are far more topics in regards to beauty that I want to talk to you folks about.
However, there are two topics I get asked about quite a bit. One is the "Curly girl Method" and the other is the "Deva cut". I figured doing a post on each of those topics wouldn't be a bad thing. Specifically, the curly girl method. That will help anyone who has damaged, dry or over processed hair, regardless of what their hair's texture might be. So, stay tuned for that.

Today, I'm going to share my experience getting my first "Deva cut" with you.
For those of you who don't know, the Deva Curl line  is an entire array of products made specifically for curly (and wavy) hair. They were created by Lorraine Massey. She also happens to be the founder of the Curly Girl method.
Almost every curly girl I know has a horror story about getting their hair cut. (I do, I was 12. I remember it like it was yesterday.)
Curly hair is not like straight hair. Cutting curly hair with a straight hair cutting technique is a recipe for disaster.
This, in my opinion is not the fault of the stylist. Most beauty schools barely touch on how to cut curly hair. If anything, they are told "cut it into an angled bob." Sadly, most beauty schools  want to teach their students to straighten out curly hair than proceed with the cut and style. Well, not all of us WANT to straighten our curls. Some of us, actually embrace our natural hair. Before I go off on a soapbox...

When I bought a copy of "The Curly Girl Method" , I saw how there are several Devachan salons in NYC. At the Devachan salon, they train and certify stylists all over the country. For grins and giggles, I tried searching out stylists in my area. I thought "Maybe there will be someone in Boston?". I darn near died with excitement when I saw that there was a Deva certified stylist.
With the blessing of my friend and hair maven, I made an appointment for my very first Deva cut.

Here in Plymouth, The Charles David Salon is where you can go for a Deva cut.

How the Deva Cut is different, is they cut you while your hair is dry. They go in and cut each individual curl.
Laura was my stylist. She pulled up a chair behind me, sat down and went to work. She was back there for a full hour,cutting each curl with precision. 
When she was done, she washed me, put in a deep conditioner and let it sit for a good 30 minutes.
Once I was rinsed, she put in an alcohol free, strong hold gel. She "clipped" the crown of my head for definition. (Google "Curly hair clipping) Then, she set me under a heat only dryer. I sat there for almost another hour while my hair dried 100%.
When I was done, my hair was so crispy , crunch. 1992 circa style. I did not panic though, I knew this was part of the process. 
She applied a bit of pomade to her hands and began to "Scrunch out the crunch" or "break the cast" on the curls.
When this part of the process was done, I was "wowed'. My curls were more defined and frizz free than they have been since I started the CG method.

If you have curly or wavy hair, I STRONGLY suggest getting a Deva cut.  You can find a certified Deva Cut stylist Here

Okay, that;s it from me. Have a lovely weekend. <3 font="">



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