Monday, here you are again.
Hopefully, this weekend was very nice for everyone.
I thought that this would be a good time to go to another closet staple.  
Today's pick is a total work horse, the ballet flat.

In the late 1950's , Audrey Hepburn proved to the world that the ballet flat could be just as sexy as any stiletto. While the stiletto breathes overtly with sexuality ,the ballet flat plays it coy with a "who? lil 'ol me? attitude.

Also, they *can* be so comfortable. I say can, because something so flat can also cause discomfort.

Fashion maven Nina Garcia calls ballet flats "The go to shoe for times when heels are out of the question."

The ballet flat looks perfect with jeans and a cardigan. You can get sparkly ballet flats for fancier occasions.

My personal favorite is by Tory Burch. Her Minni travler flat has just a tiny heel. The shoe maintains the  profile of a ballet flat with a little extra comfort for your heel.

                                                   Minnie Traveler $228

I have these in three colors. I'm wearing my black ones right now.  They are as comfortable as wearing a sneaker, but look a whole lot more polished.

I seriously get so much wear out of these babies.

Another ballet flat that I'm crazy about is by Amazon. Yes, Amazon. They are so well made and super comfy.
I always get asked where I got them. Of course, I can't answer and leave it at that. I also have to make sure that everyone knows that they are between $17.00- $19.00.

The pair of ballet flats I'd most like to acquire one day are these gorgeous, Chanel classics.

They are stunning. They are timeless.
However, for the foreseeable future, my discretionary income will be going to cancer treatment for our dog. He's worth more than all of the Chanel in the world <3 .="" font="">

Do you love ballet flats? Are you rocking them now that we are in post sandal / pre-boot weather?



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