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September 06, 2019 in

Happy Friday!
 First things first, I hope that I don't get in trouble for posting a photo of US currency. Is there some law against this? I hope not. As you can see its not a full photo of. #fearofauthority.

Anyhow, I was watching an old show last night, there was a line that stood out to me. I'm paraphrasing here, but it was something along the lines of "Its easy to solve a problem with money, but its impressive if you can solve a problem without money."

As with many things, I equated this to all things beauty. Sure, if you want to spend large sums of money, you can find a product for every need. What if you don't want to spend a lot? What if you cannot spend a lot?
Below are my favorite 5 products that come in under $20.00

1) Miliani Eye shadow primer
Miiani Primer
This stuff works as good, if not better than any other eye-shadow primer. Your eye makeup will glide on smooth and stay in place all day. This stuff is only $6.99

2) LA Looks Extra Hold Gel

This one is for my fellow curly q's.
This $3.00 gel works better than any other product that I have ever used on my curls. It gives me frizz free, shiny, bouncy curls. 
Its so inexpensive, I cannot find a link for it. I buy mine at Rite-Aid .

3)Maybelline Super Stay Foundation
Maybelline Foundation

While foundations are the first thing that I recommend you go high-end on, there are foundations at the mass-market level hat can pass for their higher end counter parts. This is one of them. It lasts all day and your skin still looks like skin. Its only $12.00

4) Revlon ColorStay retractable eyeliner
Color stay Liner
These liners have a cult following, for good reason. They last and last, the color stays perfectly put, and they don't smear or run. 
They are a steal at only $8.50

5) Makeup Revolution Reloaded Luster Face Palette 
Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution is one of the best brands out there, IMO. Their stuff could easily pass for far more expensive items. Typically, the only give away is that their packaging is on the cheaper side. Really though, so what. That doesn't make it look any less good once its on you.
This face palette is all that you need cor highlighting and bronzing. It comes in swinging at only $7.00.

Do you have any under $20 beauty items that you swear by? If so, please share!


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