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In recent years, sites such as ThreadUp, Tradsey, Poshmark and others have really taken off.
I think this is largely a reaction to fast fashion. We all know that fast fashion does more harm than it does good. 
Many of us have been trying to counter this by purchasing things such as clothes and bags "pre-loved".  Personally, I just made my first purchase from Fashionphile (I'll let you guys know what I think once it arrives.)
As well and good as this all is, there is a dangerous trend emerging, The buying and selling of used cosmetics. Unlike clothing, makeup cannot be tossed into the washing machine before you wear it.
There is even a site dedicated to this,Glambot . 

If you are anything like me, this grosses you out, plain and simple.  While I understand the theory of this all being great, in reality its not. 
Its one thing if you are buying something new in its wrapper. However, that rarely happens. These cosmetics are "slightly used."
Buying used cosmetics is virtually the something as buying department store testers. You have no idea who used them before you. You have no understanding as to their level of cleanliness or what infections of diseases they might have.
Eye makeup is particularly problematic as it is a breeding ground for conjunctivitis.
Used lip products are a fantastic way to get herpes , aka cold sores.

You might be thinking "Well, I'll disinfect anything I buy." Sadly, its not this simple. While you can disinfect the surface, these germs seep fully into the product.  Also, most products will get damaged if you try to sterilize them. 

Also, you have no guarantee that you are not getting counterfeit cosmetics. That unto its self is another issue.

I know its tempting to buy this stuff at a deep discount. Your health is not worth risking though. Besides, you can buy the real deal, brand new for less than a cost to the ER!
Not kidding, that is a serious and very real ramification of purchasing used cosmetics.

Safety first!


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