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August 23, 2019 in

Happy Friday! One of only a few summer Fridays remaining in 2019 *sniff*.

It seems like I'm always seeing countless articles and blog posts that highlight drug store beauty products. I think that's great. Drugstore products have come so far in the past 5-7 years.

Today though, we are talking about luxury beauty products. We are talking about the fancy, lovely things that just feel special when you put them on.
I've never hid the fact that I'm into high end beauty items. I always have been, literally since I was a child. From time to time, I'll pick a mass market item at Target or CVS on a whim. At the end of the day though, I always go back to my more luxurious items. I know that this isn't realistic for everyone. I also know that plenty of people just don't care to spend a lot of money on their cosmetics, and that's perfectly fine!
However, I do believe that all of deserve a treat now and them. All of us deserve a little bit of luxury in our lives.
If you are ready to add a dash of luxury to your beauty routine, this is where I'd start.

Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury       Buy Here: Charlottetilbury Hollywood-flawless-filter
Its a primer, its a highlighter. It goes on like a dream and gives you that "rich girl makeup" ascetic.

Chanel's Loose powder           Buy it here:   Chanel Powder
Aside from how it just looks so pretty on your vanity, it really works well. It sets your makeup perfectly and sends your pores into the witness protection program. 

Tom Ford Fragrance                                          Buy it here: Tom Ford

In my opinion, fragrance is one area where you cannot pass off something inexpensive as anything but something that is inexpensive. 
In my experience, both expensive and inexpensive perfumes can be detected from a mile away for what they are.
Tom Ford's perfumes are just down right intoxicating with their opulence. 
I own Soleil Blanc, its something that prompts total strangers to stop me and ask what it is. 

Pat Mcgrath   Eyeshadow                         Buy it Here :Mothership by Pat McGrath
Beware, this very well may spoil all other eye shadow for you. I bought my first Pat McGrath palette while on vacation in Vegas. I was feeling a little laissez-faire than normal. After opening it up, I knew nothing else would compare.

Cle-de-peau Concealer                    Buy it here: Cle-de-peau
Under-eye circles have been one of my beauty "issues" for as long as I can remember. I'm talking about as far back as my early teen years. I think my skin being as light as it is, is part of the problem. When I was a teen, it was an easy fix. Young, smooth skin can contend with anything. However, as we creep up past our mid twenties, crows's feet and resting lines start to appear. The wrong concealer can make them appear much worse than what they are. 
This stuff covers up all of that dark, without highlighting all of the things that I don't want highlighted.

Orbie Shampoo and conditioner                                          Buy Here:  Orbie
Your hair is the one "accessory" that you wear each and every day. Your hair also takes a LOT of abuse.
It deserves better an drug store shampoo and conditioner. 
This stuff from Orbie is SO luxurious. Getting in the shower first thing in the morning and lathering up with this stuff just feels good.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping oil            Buy it here: Sunday Riley
Ohhhhh, I love ,love,love this. My skin looks noticeably better when I use this regularly.
I have prescription retinoids that I use too. This is where its at though.  My skin literally loves this.

Well, there you go. 
What do you think? Do you ever feel the desire to indulge in luxury beauty? What are you favorites?


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