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August 26, 2019 in

Hello! Welcome back from the weekend. The (gulp) last weekend before labor day.

This post today is because I recently bought a beautiful pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties.
They are BEAUTIFUL. I was quite excited about them. 
Not too long after they arrived, I found an exact dupe of them on Amazon for $125 less. Grrr
I figured this was the universe's way of telling me its time for another "The look for Less" post.

Lets start off with those aforementioned booties.

This is the pair that I bought. Jeffrey Campbell Cromwell Bootie $175
They are so pretty. They will be an autumn staple, no doubt. 

However, here is their under $50 counterpart         Amazon Dupe $49
They look pretty similar to me!

Look at these wedge sneakers. Could the look anymore alike? 

Seriously though, I had to double check that I was putting the correct pictures in here as they look EXACTLY alike.
One pair is at Target for $38.00 The other is at Nordstrom for $120.

Felicia Wedge Bootie $120

A new Day Wedge $38

Pretty much everyone I know loves Madewell, myself included. They are Jcrew's cooler more sophisticated older sister so to speak. 
Madewell makes these shoes that they call  The Brady Low-cut bootie. To me they are a shoe though. Regardless of that they are called, they are super cute. The problem is the price though. $168. Yikes. Luckily, Target saves the day ...again.

Wedge sneakers  are so hot right now!
Look at this adorable, yet versatile pair from Nordstrom
Blondo Wedge $120

If you are loving the look, but not the price...have no fear. Their dupe is as close as your nearest Target.

If you bought each pair of these in the more expensive version, the tab would be $ 583!

However, if you bought each pair of the lesser expensive version, it will only set you back $153.
That's a HUGE difference!

Well, there you go!

Have an awesome Monday, friends!



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