The Friday Five

August 16, 2019 in

Happy Friday, friends!
It's been a second or two since we did a "Friday Five".  So, why not today?

I like the one that Live Journal posted for this week. Its about talking!

1. What makes it easy to talk to someone?
An open and kind demeanor, an enthusiastic interest in people and ideas.


2. Have you ever had a great conversation with a complete stranger?

Yes. Many, many times. See, I can talk to anyone, anytime, any where. I'm just generally interested in people.
One time, I was flying back from Vegas by myself. It was a 6 hour flight and my earbuds just died. I was dreading how long and boring this flight would be. 
My seatmate comes on and worked her way to our row. She was a 2o year old junior at Ole Miss. She was an Alpha Delti Pi sister. She and I talked all the way from Nevada to Boston. She was so sweet, happy and engaging.

3. Do you like to argue?

Noooooo. You can go darken someone else's door step if that's what you like to do. 
Better yet, figure out where your argumentativeness is coming from and work on healing that.
4. Some people like to talk about things, and some people like to do things. Which are you?

Both to a degree. Let's say skydiving is your thing. I absolutely want to talk to you about it.  However, there is no way I'll be doing it with you!
If you want to talk about trying that new coffee shop though, let's just go!

5. Who is easier to talk to – men or women?

It makes no difference to me. Like I said, I can talk to anyone and enjoy doing so.
I will say that I'm more guarded when talking with me in my general age group. I don't want to ever give the impression that I'm flirting with them.

Except for this guy...
I AM always flirting with is guy  ;)

Have a great weekend my pretties!



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