Happy mid-week babes!
If you were on Social media a couple of weeks back, your feed was likely filled with a bunch of age progression pictures.
This was done with an app called "FaceApp". There was a big pull back on use of the app due to security concerns.
While I fully understand someone wanting to hack my phone, due to my 4000+ photos of Bandit..aka the most adorable creature to ever exist, I've kept the app.

I've had too much fun with it. Its crazy how realistic the photos look. The one I did of my husband got me teary eyed. I got a glimpse of the man I'll grow old with!

After playing with this app for quite some time, I made me realize that there are just certain things that age us. 
Now, don't get me wrong here. I am NOT saying I don't want to grow old. On the 30th of this month, I'll be 40!!! I'm looking forward to it. I'm just saying, I want to age with dignity and not speed the process up. 

From looking at the photos from this app and a few other thing, I've come up with a few action points we all can do to keep the early ageing at bay.

1) Beach your teeth

As we age, our teeth yellow. It happens to everyone. Just like the pages in an old book will discolor, the paper in a new book is still white.
You don't need to spend a fortune, or go to the dentist. 
Pro tip: My dentist taught me the best trick. If whiting strips and products make your teeth too sensitive, there is an easy solution. Fluoride. About a week or two before you begin the process, start using fluoride 2X/day. Continue using it for as long as your are in the bleaching process.

2) Fill in your eyebrows
As we age, our brows thin out. A $20.00 (or less!) eyebrow pencil can take off 5 years. Follow your natural shape and don't go unnaturally thick.

3) Get a pore smoothing primer
For whatever reason, pores tend to get larger as we get older. While it next to impossible to stop this, you sure as heck can hide it .

4) Exfoliate!
As skin ages, it gets drier. Sloughing off those dead skin cells will reveal the newer, fresher skin that lies beneath.

5) Use Retinol
I remember years ago I asked a woman that I know (We were on the topic) "Which anti-aging products are you favorites?" 
She was clearly very offended and said "I'm only 32! WHY would I use that stuff?!" I told her to chill and that I'd been using anti-aging creams since I was 15 (yes, really).

6) Get a pedicure
Our nails, toe nails in particular discolor with age. much like our teeth. Luckily, there is a quick fix in a cute pedicure.  Besides, its fun picking out cute polish colors.

7) Wear false lashes
Just like the eyebrows, eye lashes thin out with the passing years.
Temporary false lashes are a quick and inexpensive fix. Don't be intimidated by applying them, after a few tries, you'll realize how easy it is.

8) Lighten up on the eye makeup
Leave the thick, black eye liner for the 19 year olds. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to the fine lines and wrinkles that pop up around your eyes.

9) Avoid harsh hair colors
Avoid the jet black shades. Avoid the super white blonde shades. Avoid the brassy or other artificial colors. If you stay a few shades within what is natural to you, then throw in some highlights and low lights for dimension, you'll take 10 years off.

10) Use blush
A rosy complexion is a sign of youth and vitality. Use blush, use a smidgen more than you did in your teens and 20's. It makes a noticeable difference.

There you have it.
Have you used the FaceApp? What did you think, if so? 


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