Welcome to August?! Man, o man.

Anyhow, if you follow me on Instagram (@SheShe830) you've seen that for quite sometime I've been hitting the gym at 5:00 am between 4-5 days per-week. (Don't worry, the dogs still get their 2x/day walks). It's nothing that I advertise. So, I was rather surprised that I have gotten several replies to my stories along the lines of "How do you do this?" or "Where do you find the motivation for this?"

Welp, gawd knows I'm no Denise Austin, but since you asked, I'll answer.

First, let me say this, it only takes a few weeks of being in a groove to realize how much better you feel when you workout regularly. I firmly believe once you reach this point, it's the only motivation that you will need. The trick is though, making it to that point. 

While everyone is different, this is what worked for me.

1) Determine what time of day is best for you
Yes, I will tell you ALL DAY LONG, to get up early and workout first thing. I
I'll preach to you all the ways getting up before 5:00 am has changed my life: Here .
However, becoming a morning person is a challenge unto its self. One thing at a time. Starting a work out program needs to be something you are looking forward to. If you hate mornings, plan to work out a 5pm.

2) Book your workout as it was any other appointment
Put it in your agenda, put it in writing. Treat your workout as if it were any other commitment that you gave your word you'd fulfill.

3) Have a workout buddy
2 days a week, I workout with my hubby, 2 days a week, I workout with my boss and 1 day a week, I workout with my hubby & boss.
Knowing that there is someone else counting on you to meet them makes a difference when you are on the fence as to if you are going to bail on your workout. Its far easier to bail on ourselves then it is to bail on a friend.

4) Invest in some adorable new active wear
An old ratty tee-shirt just isn't going to cut it. (besides, cotton doesn't wick moisture very well)
I found for me, having cute workout clothes wear, made me want to wear them. 

5) Cultivate a killer playlist
Without the right music, I cannot workout. I need a fast paced beat to keep me moving. 
If you were to look at might playlist for the gum, you might think that 6 or 7 different people compiled it. I have old school rap, disco, classic rock and techno on that playlist.  Ice Cube, The BeeGees, Calvin Harris, etc..The artist makes no difference to me, just the beat!

You'll find that after just a few weeks of working out that you noticeable look and feel better.
In my experience, once you get to this point, NOTHING will stop you. 
I'm hoping that the aforementioned will get you to that point.



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