Hello babes!
Was your weekend sun drenched and good to you? I sure hope so.
I used to read a magazine back in the day that did a feature called "I really love my." They would take a celebrity and show them using the same item over and over. They would then show you where you could buy a dupe of it for yourself.
It was normally fashion related item. I loved this feature. It got me to thinking, what are my "just can't make it without them" items. There are a bunch, but here are my top 5.

1) My Nespresso Vertuo
OMG, This gets more use that anything. I love it so much. A few years ago, Nespresso came out with their Vertuo line. This baby makes Starbucks quality lattes at the touch of a button. Unlike the original Nespresso machines,the machines in this line read the bar code of the pod you put in it. It uses this info to brew it to the perfect strength and temperature for that particular coffee pod.   
Here is the link for the exact machine that I have Nespresso

2) IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream
I've mentioned this before. My skin is SO dry.  This is the only cream that I've ever used that really feels like its moisturizing my skin. I have no idea if it actually works as an anti-aging product. I really don't care if it does. It soothes and nourishing my skin. That's enough for me.

3) Cozy Ugg Slippers
Apologies to my vegan readers. You folks have so much admiration from me.
I personally am not a vegan. I love/Need my Ugg slippers. I wear them ALL year long.
My hubby likes to keep the AC set at 68 degrees in the summer. I'm ALWAYS cold. These babies are like Heaven on your tootsies. I just got this pair and am obsessed.

4) Dior Skin Foundation
In my opinion, this is the best foundation ever created. It goes on so smooth. It covers everything you want to cover, but your face will still look like skin. Bonus points for how long lasting it is.Dior Skin Foundation

5) Nordstrom
I can't live without Nordstrom. Nope.
We need new bed sheets? I get them at Nordstrom. I need a cute new outfit for a date night?  Nordstrom, here I come.
Its where I do all of Christmas shopping. Its where everyone gets me a gift card to.
All of the other stores should look at how well Nordstrom treats their customers and take note.

So, what can you not live without? I don't mean people, as in "I can't live without my kids."  That's a given. I'm talking about things here. Tell me the stuff that you just can't get by without!


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