Happy Monday, Friends!
How is this brand new week treating you so far? Hopefully, things are going well.
We are finally getting a break from some insane heat and humidity here in coastal Massachusetts.

Today, I thought I'd share with you a few of the new (or new to me) products that I'm loving right now.

1) Kiss Blowout Lashes
Lash extensions are very in right now. Regardless of how "in" they are, they just aren't for me. I tried them, I had a full set put on a few years back. I pick at them, and I hated how I was limited as to what eye makeup (and eye makeup removers) I could use with them . If you are in the same boat as me, or if you don't feel you could make better use of the $300 they cost, try these! They really look like professional lash extensions.

2) Fresh Strawberry Cleanser
I've talked before about hoe dry my skin is. Most facial cleansers for dry skin are exceedingly gentle, which is great. However, you still need to be able to remove dead skin cells which cause a dulling build up. This is the perfect solution. Its gentle enough to be used daily, but has just enough exfoliation to get rid of the guck. Guck is a word, right?

3) Dove Exfoliating Body Polish 
Speaking of exfoliation....oh baby, this stuff is AMAZING. It's the best, most effective exfoliator that I've ever used. The price is right ($6.00, I believe), the scent is very nice and it doesn't turn your shower into a slippery danger zone.

4) The Denman Brush
I'm on the curly journey now. Yes, my hair is naturally curly. After straightening it for the past 21 years though, I'm completely relearning my hair.
I had been noticing that my curls were far more "stringy" than I had hoped. 
I have been reading on several "Curly girl method" websites. It seems that using this brush when wet helps to "clump" curls (make them thicker). I just used it for the first time today. I totally see a difference. I still have to read up though on how to best utilize it. Stay tuned. :)

5) Too Faced "Damn Girl" Mascara
This one, I was hesitant to put in here. 
When you first open this mascara, its phenomenal. it blows their "better than sex" mascara out of the water.
Buuuuut, the tube gets thick and clumpy way too fast in my opinion. I'm not saying I'll never buy it again. I will, but probably just for a special occasion and then get as much use of it as I can after.

Well, there you have it kids. These are the new products which have found their way into my rotation.

Do you have anything new that you are enjoying?



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