Less is more

July 17, 2019 in

I was a little kid in the 1980's. Still to this day, if you say "1980's" to me, the immediate thing that comes to my mind, is the hair and makeup from that period. The excess of makeup, the excess of hair spray is seared in my mind.

Perhaps, one day well look back at this period with a fond nostalgia? All I know, is that right now this period of beauty is still ridiculed. 

Its because of this, I have to wonder why so many of us are doing the super heavy Kardashian makeup look? 
I can all but guarantee you that in a few years this look will be every bit as cringe worthy and dated as the 1980's ascetic is now.

Over use of contour, metallic blue liner.....

Huge drawn on lips, thick drawn on eyebrows...

I get it, its makeup. We can wash it off. I guess the point of this is that the majority of people who are putting the time and effort in to do this makeup are because they want to look their best. (I'll never fault anyone for that) However, a whole lot LESS makeup is how we all look best.

Here are two iconic women from days gone by. Their simple, understated makeup look just as good today as it did when the photos were taken.  (Grace Kelly, 1955. Jacqueline Kennedy 1976)

Conversely, these "modern celebrities" are all sporting what could be called "A look", which isn't a good thing. 

Heavy "baking" gives you the look of a raccoon.  If you are over 22, a thick black eyeliner is going to do you NO favors whatsoever.
While you may feel 22 at heart, if your license says otherwise, you will have fine lines around your eyes. Thick, black eyeliner makes those lines look not so fine.

There are countless other examples where "less is more". Speaking from personal experience , I had a revelation this past week myself.
Last month, I decided to grow my finger nails long again.
On Friday, I had a nail appointment. I looked down at my hands and realized my nails looked more 1982 truck stop diner than they did Bette Draper.
So, bye-bye they went.

I opted for a cute down and shell pink shade.  Less is more.

See you on Friday, Friends!



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