If you know me, you  know that the 4th of July is my favorite day of the year. Each year, as the 4th draws near, I’m unable to control my excitement and enthusiasm. Like a little child, on the night of the 3rd, I just cannot fall asleep as I’m too filled with anticipation. Recently, someone had asked me "What is it that you love so much about the 4th?"

So, if you will, please allow me now to try to articulate why America’s Independence Day is downright sacred to me.

Every blessing that I have in my life can be attributed to my being an American.
I’m married to a man whom I love more than life its self. That is because I was not born into a country where arranged marriage is how your spouse is determined. I got to marry for love. I was the one who decided who my spouse would be.

Each day, I wake up happy to go to work, at a job that I absolutely love. My husband and I work hard each day to build a nice lives for ourselves, we can do that here because we do not live in a nation with a cast system which would determine how far we could go in life.

 I’m continually filled with the joy that our nieces and nephew bring. That is because we live in a place where my parents were free to have as many children as they saw fit. They did not have a government that dictated to them how many children they were allowed to have. When my parents had me, they were thrilled when the doctor said to them “IT’S A GIRL!!!” . Here in America, as a female my life is valued every bit as much as my male counterparts. I have ever right, privilege and responsibility that they do.

Here in America there is nothing or nobody who can hold you back, other than yourself. If it's an education that you seek, but you do not have the funds, your Uncle Sam will loan you the money.

Each night when I thank God for these blessings, I’m reminded how I can do that anywhere I want to here. I’m free to worship whichever God I choose in any way that I choose. I do not need to try to sneak into a church and pray that I’m not caught.
Even when it comes to things that seem almost trivial…for instance I’m a fashion junkie. I love clothes/shoes/makeup etc… Well, thank God I live here and not where I’d be forced under the threat of death to wear a burqa.

I love loading my dogs up into my Jeep and taking them for a nice long ride. There are millions of women the world over who would be stoned in the street for attempting to drive.

When you are an American, not even the sky is the limit. Who else has put men on the moon and brought them safely home again? Nobody. Now, as a nation we've committed to going back to the moon by 2024. This time, we'll also be putting a woman on the moon. The little girls growing up right now will get to see firsthand that their gender will never be a determent to their hopes and dreams.

If  you love to travel, here you can see the mountains, the ocean, the tropics, the desert and so much more without ever pulling out your passport.

Speaking of passports and world travel, here we are the great American melting pot.  Never ever in the history of human beings, did you have masses of people leaving to leave their respective homelands to come somewhere. They came here. They tilled the soil, filled the factories and helped build this land of hope and opportunity.
We are going into an election year here in the US. I admit, it can get nasty. That is because the candidates need to go out and EARN our vote. In other nations a change of regime is done with fighting and bloodshed. That's not how we do it here my friends.

I get that we haven’t always gotten it right, we have had our black marks for sure. Keep in mind though, that even when we have done things wrong, there have been countless American’s fighting for what was right and they ultimately prevailed. My personal hero, Martin Luther King Jr is the perfect example as this.
So, come Thursday... if you happen to see me at the parade of fireworks you are quiet likely to see me with tears of pride and joy in my eyes. 
This, my friends is why. Happy Birthday Beautiful, 243 years never looked so damn good.


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