And just like that, it was the very last day of July. I'm trying real hard to focus on the fact that we still have all of August in front of us. Man, do I wish that summer would slow down though.

Anywhodoodle, we are back today for the 2nd "episode" of closet staples. 
Today, we are talking about the strappy heel.
Mind you, we could do an entire series on all the shoes every stylish woman should own. Maybe we'll do that in the future.

The shoes in this picture probably look familiar.
Celebrities love to wear them on the red carpet. The thing is, they look just as good with jeans dress as they do with a fancy dress.

When buying shoes like this, you have to be very honest with yourself about the size and width of your foot.
If you are a 9 wide, but buy an 8.5 regular, sure you'll get it on. However, in no time you'll be in absolute misery. 
There is no shame in your shoe size, regardless of what your shoe size is.

Clearly, there are no hiding your toes in these babies. Make sure your toe nails are trimmed and filed, ideally pedicured.

This shoe is now popping up with block heels or clear plastic straps. Those are all well and good. However, this series is about closet staples. Meaning classic pieces which will work as well in 2029 as they do today in 2019.

Because of that, I recommend getting a pair with a traditional heel , as those never actually go out of style..

There you have it. See you in August!


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