The Summer Staples List

May 03, 2019 in
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We are in May now, winter is a thing of the past. It's time to embrace the next few months. Fill them with ice cream, little league games, beach days and lots and lots of lobster.
If you are like me and live in a cooler climate, you have 9+ months of winter clothes, but only a few months to get in all the cute summer outfits.
Today, I thought it would be fun to talk about summer wardrobe staples.

I think it would actually surprise most of us at how easy it is to create a bunch of different, great summer looks with just several key pieces. If I were to curate a "must buy summer capsule wardrobe, it would like something like this:  

White Jeans 

I LOVE a fresh pair of white jeans for the summer. They can be paired with almost anything.
A couple of things to keep in mind. White jeans are not very forgiving. There is no shame in sizing up when buying them.
Also, be mindful of your underwear when wearing them. A pair of jeans will show a panty line very easily, so plan accordingly.

A chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is so versatile and comfortable. It looks great with white jeans, it looks great with shorts. I could go on and on..
Source: Pintrest

A denim skirt

This is something fun to throw on for a Saturday afternoon of running errands or when you are just looking for something other than shorts. Pair with a peasant blouse or polo and it will look equally adorable.

Nude Heels

                                     Calvin Klein heels $79

Nude heels go with any and everything. Plus, they make your legs look longer. Who doesn't want that? I'm currently crushing on this pair from CK. They manage to be classy yet sexy all at once.

A Fun sundress

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the importance of having a dress at the ready? No? That's okay, read that Here . 
A sundress makes me really feel that its summer. Put a blazer or cardigan over this for work. Take the blazer or cardigan off for date night.

A Romper

Wait, wait...hear me out. Even if you are not the romper wearing type of gal, still, just hear me out.
A stretchy jersey romper like this one can take the place of a cover up. However, unlike your traditional cover up, you can wear this for a coffee run, to stop at the market on the way to the beach or any other errand you might have. Plus, its so cool and comfy for those days that are scorchers.  

So tell me, what are your summer wardrobe essentials? 



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