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May 01, 2019 in

" Mike! Mike! Mike! Do you know what day it is? It's HUMP day!"   Am I the only one who still cracks up at that commercial?
Also, lets talk about how its now MAY!!!!!!! Que up JT!

So anyway, my friend Abbey had said to me the other day that she thought it would be interesting if I did a post showing what beauty products I have bought.
At first I was iffy on the idea. I'm not a MUA, beauty editor etc. Then I thought about how I love seeing what everyone else has bought. So, why not?

Here we go!

  • Benefit's Cheekleaders

                                    Benefit Cheekleaders $60.00

This is a full-sized cheek palette. Each of these colors are $30 a piece when sold alone. Its like "Buy 2, get 3 free". I know there are some obnoxious YouTubers who swear "the formula is not the same!" any time anything is sold in a palette. Don't listen to them. They just want you to click their links and make money off of you.

  • Laura Mercier Under Eye Brightening Powder

                              Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder $28

My under eye circles are fierce. I mean full on "Walking Dead" extra material. Concealer is a must for me. I put this powder on top of the concealer. It sets it, and adds just a tad more power to fight off that lovely bluish purple color under my eyes.

  • Urban Decay Brow Blade

                            Urban Decay Brow Blade $26

This isn't your typical brow pencil. This is made to replicate the look of microblading. I've been using it daily. One thing to keep in mind though, it works best on clean/clear skin. I've had to adapt to doing my brows first.

  • Nars liquid Blush

                                                                Nars Liquid Blush $30

I have very dry skin. I figured a liquid blush might look better on me that powder. This stuff is SO nice. The color looks more "natural glow" than it does " I just applied blush".

  • The Original Beauty Blender

                                     Beauty Blender $20

For so long I fought the idea of buying a $20 sponge. I tried every knock off there was. However, none of them are as good as the original. Plus, with basic cleaning, ( read how to do that Here) it will last you for months.

  • Lancome Beige Brulee

                                        Lancome Beige Brulee

The photo does not do these colors justice. I decided that I had to have this after watching one of my favorite bloggers, Loverly Gray do a tutorial with it.
Its been about a decade since I bought a Lancome palette. I'd forgotten just how much fall out there is!
Still though, I love it. I just need to be mindful to do my eye makeup before foundation on the days that I'm using this.

  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Foundation

                              Confidence in a Foundation $32

I've long loved IT cosmetics BB/CC creams. So, when this came out I knew I wanted to try it. I do really like it. It doesn't accentuate how dry my skin is.
Also, I'm very please to see that it comes in 48 shades, I don''t know about you, but personally I've had it with companies that make only one or two shades for people of color. That nonsense needs to STOP.

  • Cover FX Drops

                                           Cover FX Drops $44

Honestly and truly the only highlighter that you'll ever need. I know the name  says glitter. However, its not glitter, its more holographic.

  • San Tropez Extra Dark

                                  San Tropez Extra Dark $45

What more can I say other than "It's that time of year again!!!".

  • Orbie Anti-humidity Spray 

                                         Orbie Anti- Humidity $22

Because, once more "It's that time of year again!" Oh, and because this stuff smells SO NICE.

And lastly.....

  • Dermasuction Pore Cleaning Device


Yup, this is one of those "As Seen on TV" jobs. I went there. When I saw it at Target, I bought it.
It actually works really well. If you are prone to clogged pores or blackheads, I'd say get this. It works better than anything else I've tried.

There you have it, the things that this beauty junkie has recently bought.
What about you guys? What have you gotten recently? Show me!



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