Happy Thursday, babes. How did this week treat you?
Today I'm going to write about something I was seriously on the fence about writing.
I don't want to bring a girl down, ever. I like to keep this blogette positive, never negative.
However, this is a spot to talk about all things beauty, even the bad. Today, that's what we are delving into. Beauty faux-pas. They can happen to anyone.
Disclaimer...I'm just one person and these are my opinions. If you do any of these and you like the look, that's all that matters. I'm not claiming to be Kevin Aucoin (RIP) here. These are just my thoughts on things that can make any of us look subpar.

  • Late 80's/ early 90's bangs.

Otherwise known as "Mall Bangs" or "Aqua net bangs".
Think of Kelly Kapowski on saved by the bell. It was a hot look in its day, now its horridly dated. 
To keep current , opt for a side swept band and eliminate the poofed top part entirely. 

  • Misuse of contour

Contour was popular in the 1980's. Happily, it remained there until Kim Kardashian gave it new life.
Our girl Linds here shows us in dramatic fashion just how badly contour can go.

  • Using bronzer as setting powder

Bronzer is not setting powder. Bronzer should be applied where the sun would naturally hit your face (forehead, cheekbones, nose). Putting bronzer over your entire face is a cringe worthy no-no.

  • Tadpole eyebrows

How you wax/thread/pluck your brows does matter. Arch placement is very important. Your arch should not be at the corner of your eye. Aim to arch your brow just past your pupil.

  • Too much blush

This look reminds me of "clowny make up" a children's toy for us kids of the 1980's.
Too much blush will make the best makeup treatment look foolish and bizarre.
Less is more.

  • Over drawn or Over Jouvederm lips

Trust me when I tell you, I have thin lips. VERY thin lips. I know what it feels like when you see Angelina pouts everywhere.
However, when you try to over draw your lips, its as obvious as a cheap toupee.
As for lip fillers...I'm sure it can be done to look natural. Sadly, 99% if the time, that's not what happens. All too often, you see these lips that are so miss shapen and end up looking like a tragic birth defect.
Don't do this too yourself! 

And lastly.... 

  • Red lipstick with blue eyeshadow

Again... less is more.  A bold lip, lovely. A dramatic eye, exciting.  This combo together, dreadful ( in my opinion).
When I see the red lip/blue eye shadow, my first thought is "carnival setup crew."

AGAIN, these are just my thoughts that I'm sharing on my blog. I'm not here to tell anyone what they should or should not do. 
These are just what I see as what not to do. Gawd knows, I've made more than my share of beauty mistakes in my day.
That might be an idea for a fun future post if I can round up the photos.

So, do tell..what do you think are beauty faux-pas?



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