Four years ago today, I married the love of my life. They say "Time flies when you are having fun." Oh, how right they are.

Typically, I'm not one to broadcast my feelings for my husband to the world. My love for him is between us. I don't have the desire to convince anyone (or myself ) about how strong our bond is.

This year is a little different though. Without getting into too much detail, I had a serious medical scare two weeks ago. There was a full five days of waiting for results. It was absolute torture. Thankfully, the best case scenario is what ended up being what happened. ( I’m going to be good as new very soon.)

Over those five days though, I was reminded of how even if the worse case scenario played out, I was still one the luckiest, most loved, beyond blessed people to ever walk this earth.
Chad didn't leave my side. When I needed a rock, I got a boulder.  It goes so much deeper than five days though.  In the lottery of life, I hit the jackpot with with this man.
I know this man would never, ever betray me. He'd never inflict the emotional murder of infidelity of any type upon me.
I know that this man would never let anyone or anything come in between us. He'd never let any entity, habit or person be in our lives if it came at the cost of putting stress on our union.

Even more significant is all of the things that he does do.
If something is important to me, it automatically becomes important to him. My involvement with dog rescue is what immediately comes to mind. While everyone else tries to tell me "You can't save them all" , Chad has jumped in the thick of it with me. From donating money, to organizing drives at his work, it became as important to him as it is to me.

A few years ago, my mom had an operation. It was Chad who was there to pick her up at the hospital. It was Chad who took time off from work to take care of her during her recovery. 

When my best friend was coming in on a flight that landed at 11:30 pm, it was him who said "Tell her we are picking her up, there is no reason for her to be alone in the airport parking garage at midnight."  This is the guy who snow-blows out our elderly neighbors each and every time it snows, even though they never once asked him to.

Lord knows, I'm not without my faults and flaws. Yet, this amazing person who I married never tries to change me. He has never held any of my past mistakes against me.
Other people would be beyond annoyed at some of the things that I do. Horrifically spoiling our dogs, commandeering an entire linen closet to fill it to brim with makeup come to mind. Not Chad though, he takes it all in stride.
Other men would get angry or frustrated  over the colossal amount of clothing, shoes and purses that I've amassed. Not Chad though. What did he do? Build me extra storage in my closet.

The truth is, I could go on and on talking about all of the wonderful attributes of this husband of mine. However, all of the words in the English language will never be able to  adequately express the love that I have for him.
People love to say things like "marriage is hard!" , "Marriage is a lot of work!". The only marriage I've ever been in is that one, so its the only marriage which I can speak to. I can say though, hard it is not. Being married to this man and loving this man is the easiest most natural thing I've ever done or experienced.
Life can be hard, that's for sure. I'm blessed to have the best person I've ever known by my side for those hard times, the really good times and everything in between.

Happy Anniversary Chad, here's to 100 more. I love you.


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