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April 17, 2019 in

Its finally fun, warm weather clothing time,hooray! I know, I sound like a broken record. I get it. I can't help it, I love the warm weather.

Last summer, I did a "The look for Less" post. I was surprised how popular it was. Then again, I'm surprised that any of you read anything that I post. So, THANK YOU so much for that.

I thought we should do more of these posts, because who doesn't love getting a deal?

First, this jumpsuit. I saw it on Nordstrom late February-ish. I loved it, bu it just was not time for spring shopping.
On Nordstrom, it was $120.  Well, I found the exact same thing on Amazon for $25!

                                                                   Stripped Romper
The one on the left is the less expensive one. I think it looks better. I'd of included the link to the Nordstrom one too, but their page seems to be down. Its by the brand 1901 though if you really want to find it.

Look at these jellies! These are so adorable.

I don't hide the fact that I love me some designer things. I love the feeling of taking home a new bag or whatnot, that I'd been coveting for months and months. Truly though, I don't want to save up for jelly sandals. I'll save up for a bag, I'll save up for sunglasses. For Jelly sandals though, I'm gladly going to scoop up the $20 pair.

Now, let's look at these pants. So comfy, yet they don't look sloppy. Effortless chic, I'd call them.
                                        Gibson Drawstring Pants $59.00

                                                              A New Day Tie Waist Pants $27

I have both of these actually. I'm not going to turn down comfy, summer pants.
I love and recommend both pairs.

Moving along, is essentially the shorts version of the pants. I love what is know as "paper bag" shorts and skirts. They define the waist , but are still super comfy.

                                         Gibson Shorts $44.00

                                         A New Day Shorts $22 

Those are today's "deals". This type of blog post is fun to post. I think I'll do more of them as the spring and summer play out.

Do you have any go to places for saving mula on fashion? Tell me...PLEASE   :)



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