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Did you all have a good weekend? 
Yesterday, we celebrated my Mother-in-law's birthday. She is SUCH an amazing person. Truly, so full of love and kindness. Plus, she raised literally the best human I've ever known.

I got to thinking as I have been switching out my closet for the season (bye boots! Bye sweaters!! c-ya!!), just how much of my wardrobe is from New England based apparel manufactures. I thought that it would be kind of fun to talk about my favorite New England based companies here today.

In my 20's, I did a LOT of domestic travel. Between the ages of 24-30, I made it to 40 off the 50 states.
I make no attempt to ever hide how much I LOVE MY COUNTRY.  I know that literally every other blessing in my life goes back to the fact that I am an American. However, I'll get into that more later (Hello July 4th!!!). 
As a young 20 something though, I remember being surprised to see as I ventured into other parts of the country, that most folks are not nearly as preppy as we are here in New England! Who knew? 
I'm not sure WHY New England is so preppy ? I'm going to guess that it has something to do with the amount of Ivy League colleges that are here, the lasting JFK legacy and the fact that we have Nantucket? These are just purely guesses on my part though, so don't try to take it to the bank!

Anyhow, here are the New England brands that I live in and love.

  • Vineyard Vines

Going strong since 1998, Vineyard Vines was started by two brothers from Greenwich, CT who summered on Martha's Vineyard. You really cannot get more New England than that. 
Their styles are clean and timeless. You'll look equally in place in their garb whether you are on a private golf course , or if you are having yourself a roudy night at The Chicken Box

  • LL Bean

I am so happy to see LL Bean back in sun. Bean Boots are as hot as can be, again (this is very cyclical). 
Aside from Bean Boots, LL Bean has amazing polos, button downs, jackets, totes , etc.  Their quality really, truly is better than most everything else out there. While Bean is very preppy, thats not what their Maine (pun intended) mission is. LL Bean sets out to appeal to the practical New Englander. Common sense and quality is what this company is all about.

                                         Patchwork Shorts

  • Kiel James Patrick

Off to the ocean state from this company which is  owned by a hubby and wifey team who have a cute baby, ADORABLE dog and really cool Jeep Grandwagoneer. Their quality is FANTASTIC and is all made right here in New England. Oh, and another cool thing? These folks are completly self-made. They built every aspect of their company with their own two hands. It just makes me happy to support them and their brand.

  • Sperry

Back to Massachusetts for Sperry. I don't think I know a single New Englander who has not opened a pair of Sperry's at one point or another.  80+ years later, they are stinging strong.

  • Frye Boots

More from Massachusetts! Frye Boots originated in Marlbrough, MA in 1863. The best, softest leather EVER. Frye boots look amazing when you first get them. Somehow, someway though they get better looking with each and every wear.  True story, I have a client who has a pair of Frye boots that she bought in 1981. They are to die for.

Next up, we have a tie..

  •  New Balance & Converse

New Balance is known for their world class running shoes. Converse dominated professional basketball for years.  Converse is great because they cross all sorts of style boundaries . Preepsters, hipsters and many others proudly rock this brand.
New Balance is the reigning champ of athletic footwear for runners, cross fit devotees and more.

You know me, I love to save the best for last. That would have to be

  • Talbots

Talbots is the epitome of well made Classics. Founded in Hingham, MA (about 20 min from where I live!) in 1947, Talbots has perpetually been a purveyor of well made classics. Their clothing lasts forever. That on top of the fact that they are so classic that they won't go out of style. I really cannot get enough of this brand.

Well this was fun! Are there any brands that are local to where you are from? Shout them out!



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