Shoes. I've always been a shoe fiend since I was a little girl. I would ask to go to the shoe store they way other children asked to go to the play ground. 
Shoes have just always been my "thing". 
As an adult, I spent 7 years working for an Italian shoe company. The perks of that job were fantastic.
At my bridal shower, we played "Who knows the bride best". One of the questions was "How many pairs of shoes does Sheila have" .  I stopped counting at 200. (I've since drastically culled the heard)
 However, as I've said before, nowadays, I'm all about quality over quantity.
There is no need to have 200+ pairs of shoes. 

Today, I'm going to share a few key styles that I find I need in my summer rotation. I don't need a million pairs, just a few carefully selected styles.

 The Classic Espadrille    Castaner Wedge Espadrille $120
The espadrille started as a cheap fisherman's shoe. However, in the late 1940's glamour goddess such as Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall made them hot, main stream fashion. They have never once gone "out of style". The look polished, yet are comfortable as all heck.

A Flat Slide - On Sandal  Tory Burch Miller $228
You'll want something comfortable enough to wear all day and walk around in. A flip flop isn't always the right choice. A leather ( or similar material) will give you the same comfort as a flip flop, but won't look quite to casual.

Wedge Sandals  Treasure and Bond Sannibel $80
The wedge sandal is your summer footwear power house. Wear it with jeans, it looks great. Wear it to the office (If the dress code allows), it looks great, wear it out on date night.
I have this pair pictured here. I cannot tell you how comfortable they are. They look high in this photo, but in reality, they are not bad at all.

Slip On Canvas Sneakers  Converse Shoreline $50 
I'm embarrassed to say, I didn't get my first pair of Converse sneakers until last year. They are so comfy. They are great for running around town in. 
You certainly don't need to get this specific brand though. A pair of slip on sneakers will serve you well regardless of brand.

Strappy Heels   Jeffrey Campbell Destina $125
Lady like and sexy all at once. What's not to love? Perfect for a fun night out. They look great with a dress, jeans or capris.

Classic Jack Rogers Jack Rogers Flats $118
This sandal is iconic and timeless. Its been beloved by sorority sisters, Palm Beach mavens and scores of other women. They are comfortable and just add an overall "polish" to your attire. Bonus points for the fact that they were a favorite of Jackie Kennedy.

There you have it. Cover these bases and your tootsies will be read to rock.
What are your must have summer shoes?



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