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April 12, 2019 in
Hiiiii! Welcome to your almost weekend! Woo Hoo! Any big plans for anyone?

So today, I'm here to chit chat with you about a newish thing. Clothes shopping on Amazon. I noticed toward the end of the summer that a lot of real bloggers ( meaning people who run income generating blogs with referral links) had been doing Amazon hauls.
I'll admit , I was slightly skeptical at first.  Why though, I don't know? For years, I've been using amazon to order a lot of my higher end hair products,pet treats and cleaning supplies. I don't know why I had my reservations about clothing. 
However, what finally sold me was a post by Cassie at "Hi Sugarplum!" , who  by the way is my favorite blogger ever. Read here here: Hi Sugarplum!.  I subscribe to Cassie. One morning I had an email alerting me to a new post on Hi Sugar Plum and saw her modeling a darling outfit. I was eager to log into Nordstrom or J Crew to get it for myself, when I had read the words "Amazon Haul". What? No! It couldn't be?? Sure enough though it WAS from Amazon and it was a total steal.  I added a few of her recommendations to my cart. Two short days later, I was sold. 
Of course, if you know me you know that if a little of something is good, a lot must be great #flawedthinking. I went a bit wild and ordered lots and lots of stuff ( most of which I found on my own). Of course, not all that glitters is gold. I got some serious duds as well.

I've put together here for you today, a few of the things that I learned by trial and error in regards to ordering through Amazon for clothing.

  • Pay attention to the reviews

This is so important. Look at the overall amount of "stars". Read some of the reviews, look at the customer photos.  This is where you'll see if this is a win or fail that you are interested in.

  • Filter by Prime only

This will save you SO much trouble if you do get a dud. If it ships through Prime, you'll have no trouble returning it. Also, you'll get it in a reasonable time frame. Once, I ordered a sweater for Valentine's Day. I ordered it in late December....It did not come until mid March. It wasn't on prime, it shipped from overseas. It looked nothing like in the photos. It was $35 down the drain.

  • Read the size reviews closely 

I recently bought this adorable one shoulder romper. It came today and fit perfectly. I've learned the hard way to always look to see how many previous purchasers say if it fits "TTS" , "Runs slightly small", "Runs very small" and so on. Inline with much of the industry, a lot of Amazon's clothes are made in Asia and are sold world wide. You you want to be sure that if you are a medium in the US, what you are buying fits a US medium.

  • Look at what the garment is made of

I recently bought this blouse. I wish that the picture did it justice. It was under $20.00 and is the softest cotton. Its double stitched and I'd of easily paid triple for this and still would of found it to be a bargain.
I'm not saying to rule out all synthetics. Just remember that you can't feel before you buy. So, if cotton,wool,cashmere etc is available, thats your safest bet.

  • Be very specific in your search

Don't just type in "dress". Type in "ladies black sheath dress size medium". The amount of clothing on Amazon requires you to be as specific as you can possibly be. Otherwise, you'll be searching for hours upon hours.

  • Read the care instructions

                                                  Farsay Blouse $19.99

I saw this blouse and loved it. I was excited to see that the seller put detailed care instructions.
Why does this matter? In my experience, the brands that are the most trustworthy will take the time to supply you with detailed instructions.

  • Check the price

If an item is $5.00 at regular price, avoid it. This is a case of if it looks to good to be true, it likely is.
A few months back, I saw a cute top. Its price was $3.00. Yes, $3.00. For kicks and riddles I ordered it. Thank goodness, I wasn't expecting much. This thing looked awful! It was worth the laugh though.

  • Follow your favorite bloggers

Many of them are doing Amazon hauls now. They are more than willing to shift through all the crapola so that we don't have to. 
If they are finding stuff that you like, use their links! It won't cost you a dime extra, but rewards them for their work. Also, if you are buying from a bloggers suggestion, use a web browser, not the app. For some reason, if we shop from the app, they don't get a commission. I don't know about you, buy I'd rather help to support the bloggers that I love and their families instead of letting Amazon keep it all. 

Have you had luck shopping for clothes on Amazon? What are your tips? Do share!



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