Crushing on Kendra

April 26, 2019 in

Welcome to your Friday, Friends! Dose anyone have anything fun planned?
I do! my hubby & I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend. My gosh, time flies. 

Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about how obsessed I am with Kendra Scott's new Summer 2019 line.
Actually, first lets talk about how awesome Kendra Scott the person is. This lady is 100% self made. 
In the summer of 2002. she had a mere $500.00 in her bank account. She was upset over the fact that should could not find bright gem stone jewelry at a price point which she could afford.
So, she decided to start making her own. That's when her empire was born. She went door to door in her Austin neighborhood. She had a failed business in the past. That wasn't going to stop her though.
I just love that tenacity. 

I've been buying her jewelry for five or six years now.
I remember one time when Chad and I were on vacation, I was so excited because I saw that one of the stores in the hotel carried her entire collection. I was so excited to shop.

Side note...Kendra, you need a boutique here in Massachusetts. The Derby Street Plaza in Hingham would be ideal for you...

Anyway, lets look at some of her darling new summer styles!

I could go on and on showing you guys this stuff. I love it all!  I suggest going to her site and checking out the entire line yourself.

Do you share my love of all things Kendra?



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