Are you pedi ready?

April 22, 2019 in

Hi friends!
How was your weekend? 
So, we are now in the time of year where you could be wearing sandals at any point?
Have you had your inaugural pedicure of the season yet? I do go all winter long, but not nearly as often as I do during sandal season. Funny story, On Christmas Eve we were hosting as we always do. That morning, I scheduled a pedicure to be party ready. Of course, there is always something that you remember you need at the supermarket when you are having guests. So there I was, walking around the supermarket on a frigid New England Christmas Eve day in flip flops to avoid smudging my new pedi. I was crazy town personified.

Anyhow, Its time to treat yourself to a pedicure for the spring. You deserve it. You deserve the massaging chair, the hot oil and stone on your legs.

Here are a few colors to consider for this first pedi of the season.

  • A poppy red

Look at this gorgeous , tropical shade by Chanel! I'm obsessed

  • A Clean White

This would look so nice on (faux) tanned tootsies in a blush colored sandal.

  • A warm coral

The pantone color of the year, this year is a pretty one. Colada vibes all around.

  • Borderline fluorescent pink

When Christian Louboutin makes a nail polish, I'm buying it! Even the bottle is stunning.

  • A lilac-y purple

Elegant and feminine all at once.

  • A bubble gum pink

What pedicure does Dutchess Megan have? I'm guessing something similar to this.

  • A punchy fuscia

Bright and bold. You'll be styling.

These are the colors that I love. Granted, I'm not one who typically gravitates to blues, oranges, etc. However, if you do, ROCK THEM BABY!
I'm from the school of thought that it looks great to do a neutral-ish polish on your fingers and to go all out on your toes.
If there is a shade you are interested in trying , but are on the fence about it, why not test it out on your toes?

What are your summer colors that you love?



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