We are officially in March!!  Its SPRING (Well, not so much here in New England, but I like to dream!) Changing the page on the calendar really has given me spring fever though.  

Coincidentally, the newest Vineyard Vines catalog came to my house yesterday. Man, they are killing it this year. Really though, when do they NOT kill it? Being Massachusetts born and raised, I especially LOVE Vineyard Vines as they are a Massachusetts company. #yankeefashion.
Yesterday, my boss who also happens to be one of my closest friends said to me "When you are in preppy attire, you are the most you." I suppose, that I have to agree. I love the whole high fashion thing, but for me Talbots, Jcrew, LLBean, Lilly and Vineyard vines are a better "fit".
Anyhow, back to the latest VV catalog. I'm jonesing over SO MUCH of what they are rolling out this spring.

Loooook at this jacket! Its what Coco Chanel would wear if she vacationed on Cape Cod. 

If preepsters were only allowed one material, it would be seersucker, IMO. Plus, its SO comfy!

As Sophia Petrillo might say " Picture it...July 17th. The temperature was 98 degrees and the humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife" We all know that Sophia would have something far sassier to say that anything I'll ever come up with. Regardless though, This cotton dress would be perfect for when the heat comes !

I think my mom had something just like this back in the 1980's when I was a little kid. if she had hung onto it, I'd ask her for hers. She didn't keep it though, so I'll be buying this one.

These are darling, but look so comfy. I can just see these with a little tee and bright cardigan.

So, this so a cover up, but I fully plan on wear it as a dress. Its not at all see through. I'm 5'3 I know that it will hit right above my knee.

The comfort of seersucker in a uber flattering wrap dress. who could ask for me.

So, as we can all see...I need to start saving up lol
Is there a store that is just "speaking to you" this season? If so, which one and what is it about it that you are loving?




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