Back in the old days, women would wear one single shade of eye shadow from lid to brow. The color would often be something garish , as that is what was in style at that moment with no mind paid to if that color actually looked good on the individual's complexion. 
Quite often, these colors would be bright blue or sea foam green.

See what I mean....
Yikes. That's all I can say. Thank goodness, this has changed. Its widely agreed upon in the makeup industry that it was the late Kevin Aucoin who changed this. I've been thinking how Kevin Aucoin himself should have a whole post devoted to him. Expect that soon.

Then, for awhile people were thinking that they should match their eye shadow to their eye color. "You have green eyes? Well, wear green eye shadow!" Once again, yikes.
Somewhere back in the 1990's we started realizing, if you want to make your eyes "pop" , use the exact opposite color on the color wheel.

Starting with green eyes, because that's what I have and am therefore most familiar with.

While the exact opposite color of green is red, purple and plum shades are also opposite green.  If I'm looking to make the green of my eyes really stand out, I'll put on shades of purple eye shadow. The wow factor is real.  
My cousin, Marcella is a professional makeup artist. She has since moved back to Barcelona where she was born and raised. While she was here in the states though, she worked at Fox News in NYC doing the makeup for their anchors. 
It was her who first put purple shadow on me. I protested BIG time at first. I was thinking I'd look like some 1980's girl who was transported through time. I was shocked to see that purple did not mean "loud" or "gaudy". Still to this day, its my go to, to make my eyes pop.

For our blue eyed babes, you'll look stunning in gold and sand toned eye shadows.
The contrast from the golden shades will make blue eyes look more blue than ever before. The same is true with peach shades.

Moving on to our beauties with hazel eyes, things get a tad more complex. Hazel eyes have so many different colors in them. So, you really need to decide which colors you want to make pop.
For reference, I'm talking about green/tan/gold hazel eyes. If you have those amazing eyes that are bright blue with a rim of gold around the pupil...I'm extremely envious and for this purpose, you should consider them blue.
However, if your hazel eyes are similar to this:
I find that a combination of pinks and light, milky chocolate colors will look outstanding. Also, if you are looking to make your hazel eyes look more green than brown, go for the purples and plums. 

Last, but in no way least we have our brown eyed vixens. You my friends, have more versatility and leeway in regards to eye shadow colors than anyone else.
In my opinion, the best colors on your beautiful brown eyes are either copper and bronze or light gray. The warmth of the copper and bronze compliment the warmth in brown eyes. Conversely, shades of cool toned gray, contrast warm brown eyes and there for, make them stand out.

                              L'oreal "Because I'm worth it" quad $8

                                                         Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette $53

There you have it. What colors do you think make your eyes look their best? 



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