Well hello there! I hope that this  new week is treating everyone well so far.
On my Instagram I shared how I had Zoom Whitening "WhiteSpeed"TM done .
Its something that many folks have asked me about. So, I figured it was something worth sharing here. 

A brief overview of this is that its a tooth whitening system that uses LED technology to whiten your teeth. It can lift your teeth up to eight shades.  The results are immediate.

I had already gotten my teeth pretty darn white on my own. (See how Here ).  However, I was very intrigued by this "Hollywood Whitening Process ". 
Using a tooth shade chart like this one, my dentist determined that my starting shade was "B1"

Two weeks prior to my appointment, my dentist's office gave me prescription anti sensitivity tooth paste. I must say, I think this made a HUGE difference. I've heard from many people, they couldn't complete the process due to sensitivity. Having twice daily use of super strong anti sensitivity tooth paste for a full two weeks helped fortify my teeth.

On the day of, I went into the office (sorry, no step by step pictures. I wasn't down for that.) they put a thingamajig (impressed by my dental terminology, aren't you? he he) in my mouth to keep it wide open. The dental assistant put stuff (more terminology)  over my gums to protect them from the light. She then put a high concentration of peroxide onto my teeth. I was handed a pair of glasses that looked like "Blue blockers".

They had told me to bring my earphones and my iTunes. I had the glasses on and found the whole experience very relaxing .
They do it in 4 sessions of 15 minutes at a time. By the time some people get to the 3rd or 4th round is when the sensitivity gets to be too much and they need to stop . I made it through all 4 rounds without feeling a single thing. (Later on that day, I had sensitivity, but nothing bad.)
After just one hour, my teeth were shade BL1, which was what I wanted. Some folks want a more natural white. In that case, they just stop sooner.
To me though, if I was doing this, I was doing this! I was so happy that I did too.

Here are my actual before and after. Both taken in my car, right before I went in and right after I came out from my appointment.



They make custom trays for you to take home to keep up with your new white teeth and still enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

In regards to the questions I get/ got, here are my answers  :
  • Average cost is $600. However, this varies from region to region and dentist to dentist.
  • It only took just over an hour start to finish and I went to work that day.
  • I abstained from red wine/ marina sauce/ berries for two weeks and I drank my coffee (even hot) from a straw for two weeks as well.
  • Nope, it did not hurt.
  • For the sensitivity after, I was given "relief gel", that stopped it in its tracks.
  • Yes, I'd absolutely recommend this.
If you are somewhat local to me (Plymouth, MA) I highly recommend my dentist. For this or ANY dental issue. If you want his name, just reach out!


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