Save it for a rainy day

March 13, 2019 in

I absolutely love rainy days, I always have. Bonus points for rainy SPRING days. They are especially great if you can stay in under a cozy blanket, binge watch "your" show and cuddle up with your favorite person and or pet. 

Sometimes though, that's just not an option though (boos and hisses all around) .  When we are expected to be a functioning member of society and its pouring out, you can sill look cute.

Get yourself a great, bright rain jacket
                                                 Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket $160

I'm partial to this one by Joules. I have this exact coat myself. Its 100% water proof. It looks adorable on.

Another one that caught my eye is this one by North Face.
                                      North Face Zoomie Waterproof Rain Jacket $149

I know that I'm pulling out my basic card here, but for those rainy muddy days, you are going to want a pair of rain boots. I know its all been done, but why not get yourself some Hunter Boots?  Black is ALWAYS a great choice. You could do a pretty color though, like these powder blue ones!

                                                            Hunter Rain Boots $150

One thing to keep in mind before you purchase a pair of Hunter Boots is your calf's circumference. The Original Hunter Boot has a circumference of 15.2 inches. If your calf is wider than that, these will not fit. I've seen so many people on ThreadUp or Poshmark trying to sell brand new Hunter Boots. My suspicion is that this is the very reason why. 
If you think that these might be too tight of a fit for you, don't despair! Hunter makes an adjustable version.

                        Hunter Original Tall Adjustable Back Waterproof Rain Boot $160

I have three pairs of the regular and one pair of the adjustable backs. The look the exact same on. The adjustable backs are also a great choice if you want to wear the thick book socks with them.

While we are at it, what a rainy day without a cherry umbrella?

I just received this adorable "Koala me maybe" umbrella as a GWP from Lilly Pullitzer. Sadly, its not something they sell. 

Luckily though, there are plenty of adorable umbrellas that are available in stores.
Look at that one with rainbows!

Then, there is this umbrella by Longchamp who had me at "dog". Its pricey , but bright and adorable!!

So, the moral of the story is that you CAN be totally cute and fashionable in the rain. Still though, if I get the choice, I'll be in my comfy-cozy's on the couch with coffee in hand and doggy at my side ;).



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